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  1. Barnaby Kariuki

    Ngl I feel that a rzo munna x dblock europe combo would slap differently

  2. Officer Chris P. Bacon


  3. A Cee

    Rappers love tLking bout what theyll half a robbed brick but then hes sahing he never licked a brick
    Man love waffling see how u feel when u got tht amount suddenly dont wanna share lol

  4. Ay Jay

    Dez man come different wid it still

  5. Rexzy Rexzy

    Young adz flow🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Geedup Gb




  8. Gkayyy

    Rzo looks like Ethan ampadu 😂😂

  9. Synex Mxple

    This one bangs still

  10. UKDrillLeaks

    get @ me for leaked exclusives

  11. UK Drill Exclusives


  12. BST

    lyrically and for flows these man could fully blow wit this kind of music, just need more energy in the delivery I think ❄️

  13. Khyal Parmar

    Spotify ASAP

  14. Ukhits

    These man are neeks

  15. ZoltyEU


  16. AkNig2k

    Best Duo this year
    1:Adz x LB
    2:M24 X Stickz
    3:Kwengface X Ps
    4:Rzo X Soze
    5:Latts X Blacka
    6:38 X Alz

  17. AJ Waze

    This movie coming like dbe

  18. gun way

    9th street the team bitch ❄️

  19. Connor Gibbs


  20. 2A2

    Hard but da old version was harder

  21. golony creb

    please no. dont sing

  22. Cro

    Them vocals ain’t mixed in properly sounds like some year 7 yute spitting over a beat

  23. Adil Makame

    Sounds like young adz baress wtf😂

  24. XadrianGeeX X

    D Block juniors

  25. Tyler Richardson ll


  26. Anton Skinkis

    This gunna blow u heard it here first

  27. grime time TV

    This is levels 🔥🔥🔥

  28. user 17

    Are they twins

  29. Makaveli 0161


  30. Dwyte Rogers

    I made my baby girl leak an she know real n****s don’t eat dat👿💯

  31. OPblockDrilla 7th

    Soze the biggest waste man in the scene facts

  32. Tyler Mcdermott


  33. T1OutTillLate


  34. xirsamoht x

    Like the beat

  35. Emotionz YT

    Can someone confirm their ethnicity pls 😂

  36. Kayy

    If dbe sang this….🤯

  37. TheOfficialNxvs DB

    Tell me rzo don’t sound like a better version of young adz

  38. S Unknown

    “She knows real niggas don’t eat that” hahaha wonder how adz will feel about that 😂🤣 might rattle him

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