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  1. Empathic Paradox

    You do know that Britain has been sending "specialists" to china to help them try and squash the dissent…. So before you throw your hankie look a bit closer to home… Both america and Britain have been helping the chinese…. The people af hongkong are fighting alot more than extradition, they are fighting new surveillance systems which is why they wear masks and they are fighting china's "citizen score rating" system…. Arch, lol put down the fucking daily mail, infact, arch stick to story time.

  2. GreenRena

    This is the first time i see you and i just have to ask:
    Are you relatet to Shad from Shadiversity?

  3. Patrik Archy

    Trump should destroy China by removing its easy access to the dollar, for currency exchange and be done with the little yellow things.

  4. Heinz Wolfgang Schnaufer

    You will see the Chinese military roll into Honk Kong to break up the protests. Then the whole world will see what that proverbial sausage is made of. Can’t wait.

  5. Patrik Archy

    We should destroy Blizzard with memes.

  6. Bogdan Toma-Silai

    Every voice does matter…as long as it is preaproved by the party.

  7. Uno Fonseca

    China: loading Tiananmin 2.0…. 84% complete.

  8. MrFishbone111

    Pretty sure insane companies like marvel actually embraced the libtard agenda cosnidering how they keep doing stupid things despite losing more and more money as a direct result.

  9. LLific Y

    Gladly the comments section of this channel is one sided. A prove of most people here don't actually give a shit about Hong Kong people.
    It must be so easy and cheerful to just type some "freedom commentary" behind a screen without the dangerous of being beaten up on the street or having your car burned, and then call yourself a good boy.

  10. Morph Verse

    Blizzard and Activision will on going, despite the backlash, the money is to be made in China so fuck the west to them..

    That means we as gamers need to send the message to Blizzard and Activision to pack their bags and move to China and never come back and let new players make better games for us..
    Its time that we as consumers and gamers have to test the integrity of the companies doing business with China without considering the precautions the balance between democracy and communism.
    But hey Companies doing business with China and abide to China's demands and spreading censorship in the west is political too.

    And we all have to stand up for Hong Kong Protesters as they want us to stand up against China too, and i couldn't agree more.

  11. Riccardo Cagnasso

    Work, home, sleep, repeat.

    My life for the last three months

  12. rus m

    google is blocked in china…

  13. Benjamin Nick

    You look like the smartest history professor in the world

  14. Szemiro the callous

    I don't care about Blizzard… But see your face, hear your voice make me day 🙂 You are like void shard for Skaven. Big "TY"

  15. Lex Mats

    I'll never delete any of my Blizzard acount.
    Because that would mean that I actually have one to begin with.
    Yo ho Yo ho a pirates life for me!

  16. Miroslav Malivukovic

    What about your neighbour Sweden, who is becoming a Third World cesspit. Are you Norwegians not afraid of the fact that it's all going to spill over? Clean your own house first, then you can think about others. Europe has enough problems, leave China to its own devices.

  17. Cold Coffee Gamer

    It's a shame that governments around the world look at the Chinese system with such envious eyes.

  18. JacksonHighlander

    If its the exception, then the rule isn't applied. Thats how exceptions work. You're having a small brain fart here.

  19. Ranek Eisenkralle

    Arch, I am glad to see I'm not the only one who's been boycotting blizzard for many years already. I'm curious what got you to boycot them though. For me it was abysmal customer service in the early days of WoW – so over a decade in my case.

  20. 为爱度Y-A d'Ouradou

    wowwowow… i really like your videos but you have say sooooo many mistakes in your video it's completely crazy….

  21. Proto Dutchy

    B-b-b-but what about your social credit score, Arch?

  22. Proto Dutchy

    Make Hong Kong, Great Britain Again

  23. Alexandru von Carstein Zarovich

    <sigh> This is like X nrs. in my head why I wish I could either conquer the world and declare my self a real life emperor of Mankind or his Kingmaker, sorry for any and all blasphemy guys, I am just so fucking sick and tired to the point that I want to kick an old person, grandma or grandpa and a kid in front of moving vehicle at the stop sign crossing, because at this point the lvl. of stupidity that emerges from human minds could, in theory, be used as a form of biological weapon,
    At this rate, I wonder if China will simply split back into its provincial independent states as it had during its feudal era, Warring States period era to be exact of 5th–3rd centuries bce, I mean it's not impossible, just Korea did during the dark ages,

  24. Igor Legostayev

    Man. Back to Earth. Check situation in Equador

  25. Yonan

    Playing Hearts of Iron 4 and shitting on China. I'm doing my part!

  26. Rob Read

    China sounds like a heaven for EU bureaucrats.

  27. Fobhopper

    Arch, you should see Blizzards official response, they actually made the situation even worse, and waited until it was 8 AM in china to post it, and after the west coast ahd gone off work https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/blizzard/23185888/regarding-last-weekend-s-hearthstone-grandmasters-tournament

  28. Frank lydum

    I'll have a bargain bucket please colonel.

  29. Tank

    all together now. FUCK BLIZZARD AND ACTIVISION!

  30. Alexander Marquardt

    As a german I strongly object to the Gestapo comparisson, there is no reason to blame companys that do their best to make buissnes no matter the politics of their buissnes partner, I mean american companys that kept doing buissnes with germany after 1934, there was nothing wrong with …..Oh, wait…..

  31. Das Institut

    If nothing happens after all this shit, it's pretty much over. China and the corrupt Corporations have won. At least on legal terms. We can still kill them afterall if the need arises.

  32. Russian Bot #568984

    Watching your lips dance when you speak makes me giggle.

  33. CtrlAlt Debug

    This just proves that Virtue signaling is often used to cover up a lack of genuine virtue.

  34. Mr Jay White

    assassination of ceo's.
    its really that simple.

  35. Salle Edstrom

    this Blizz/China stuff is EVERYWHERE!!!

  36. Spacefrisian

    I think its rather funny that on 1 hand gamers stated "we dont want politics in our games" and than the moment a company punishes someone for a political comment in conjuncture with a game the masses go wild….

    Bafling logic if you ask me.

  37. whoaitstiger

    I feel like Ubisoft is gearing up for a 'hold my beer' moment here.

  38. Jim S

    What I think is we are going to see blood in the streets in Hong Kong and soon. It does not really matter what I think about what they are doing on both sides, I'm on the other side of the world, but at some point the protesters are going to give them what they are looking for, a reason to bring in the big guns and put their house in order. We saw the same thing in Tibet and now there is a law that the Dalai lama needs preemption from the Chinese government to reincarnate. Yea luck with that.

  39. Doubleheaded Eagle

    I find it a little ironic that we all love 40k’s Totalitarian, draconian,just plain anti freedom type government vs China……..And yes I see the difference between real and imaginary.

  40. MrAlenaar

    I will be looking forward seeing this kind of public outrage next time when somebody is punished for saying or doing something not approved by Blizzard or any other company. People in our democratic societies are getting punished all the time and we rarely see this kind of media-drive, ignorance-fueled bullshit. I am not a fan of punishing people in this manner, but jfc, it's happening all the time and the same people who now rally behind the victim, foaming at their mouths all of a sudden high on freedom and democracy snuff, usually spit on them in any other case. Fuck people, seriously. This all is at this point, after all we have seen in last 10 years, nothing but a comedy.

  41. Rone Kind

    I would say that I tended to agree with you about politics and gaming/sport/hobbies but sometimes that is the only way to get someone’s attention. As an example I would use the South Africans/Apartheid and Rugby. When it is something you care about then it’s something you can’t ignore.

  42. Joshua Ponder

    Call the queen one of the old colony’s need help

  43. Lane Reynolds

    "And armed populace is a free populace."

  44. Natasel

    Chinese military is already in Hong Kong.

    Been there since 1997.

    Doesn’t actually take a large force to occupy a place like Hong Kong.

    Small islands, no hinterlands, airports, piers and roads already in Chinese hands.

    No way to feed itself or even secure adequate fresh water unlike Singapore.

    Frankly if it wasn’t an overbuilt warren and somewhat valuable urban center it could taken by World War 1 style naval bombardment the British used against China which got the Hong Kong as a war prize.

  45. malaficus shaikan

    Ow i agree with you Arch.
    Games and politic's shoud not mix.

    Pragmatism often leads to interesting places?
    Nice one.

    As for china:
    The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing

    I can not recall a single war that was fought for human rights.
    Most definitly.
    Etc, etc.
    But to protect human rights?
    Not a single time.
    Reminds me of a referendum we had a few years back.
    Should we trade with a nation that violate human rights?
    90% of the people vote no.
    Government does it anyway.
    And with modern day militery revolts just arent viable anymore.
    After all who is going to win.
    The guy with the tanks, planes and carpet bombers vs the guy with the rifle.

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