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  1. Jonny Quander

    @yaasper Aaron Lazar

  2. emilygracey

    @yaasper Aaron Lazar 😀

  3. crackerpopskikay

    I prefer bernadette

  4. Jasper Ly


  5. Orli Spierer

    @roccoh21 i saw it with bernadette and elaine and they were both incredible! i certainly dont think they were miscast at all

  6. Chris Morehouse

    @Selendomono More than most (although Center Stage in Baltimore last year was even more hormonally infused, yet never descended to vulgarity). But distinctions should be made. It is one thing for Petra to be frank (though the lap dancing MUST go), but–Mr. Nunn, this is for you–Fredrik should NOT be shown grabbing his crotch. Ugh. "Where is style? Where is skill?"

  7. Jody Hoevel

    Loved it!

  8. austinmanix

    Is that Aaron Lazar at :35? He looks like he's beefed up a little. I really wanted to see this production.

  9. mimmar3891

    @midtowner Huh, that wasn't my experience when I saw the show two days ago. Angela seemed as sharp as ever and had all her lines down pat. I really doubt they would have cast her if she couldn't remember her lines. This is Broadway!

  10. Arrys Ortanez

    I really am interested in this musicals, but WHAT were they donig in 0:30

  11. Chris Morehouse

    @iamupforallfun I saw it live (and know the show by heart). A lot of lines, not just Miss Lansbury's, got muffled or swallowed, and I do fault Mr. Nunn for that. For all the talk about sophisticated writing and Chekhovian characters, they should have not allowed so many lines to lose their impact. Still, imperfect Sondheim beats "Jersey Boys," "Mamma Mia," and "Shrek" any day. See it if you can.

  12. Chris Morehouse

    @VictoiseC She appeared as Desiree in this production when it was in London last year (Menier Chocolate Factory). I've heard another production is planned for Paris in February with Kristin Scott Thomas and Leslie Caron… I'm tempted to break the bank and go…

  13. Tony Westbrook

    Pay no attention to the naysayers…I saw it last night, sat 3rd row house right..and it was AMAZING!!! Angela was a MASTER..Catherine, though a bit hoarse, brought tears to many with Send in the Clowns…NOT because she sounded bad but because she acted the hell out of it..and the cast is STELLAR! The show is SEXY!!! Go see it!!!

  14. OldieMusicMan

    Awesome. I only wish I could see it live. Thank God they're recording a cast album!

    Do you think there's any chance they'll record it and air it on TV like they sometimes do? I hope so.

  15. orangepeas

    Oh no no no.
    Catherine Zeta Jones is NO Hannah Waddingham. I am thrilled I didn't have to go over to Broadway to see it. Alex Hanson is amazing though.

  16. stephjannetta

    omg i cannot wait to see this!!

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