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  1. joy bergemann

    We miss you Jim Henson.

  2. julia villa

    Love =)

  3. 사랑하는 사람들메이즈러너를


  4. Josh Berman

    We always will Kermit. We always will.

  5. Practice Space Films

    My boys ballin on this song, go ahead green dude

  6. Stefanogam

    The world needs more people like Jim Henson. Greetings from Italy 🙂

  7. Paulpuppetman

    Hopefully 1 day I'll stand out like he did my goal is to combine psychology with puppetry as play therapy and make the world a better place

  8. Jennifer Schillig

    Of course everyone always remembers "Bein' Green" and "Rainbow Connection", and rightly so.

    But this song was always one of Kermit's underrated gems for me.

  9. MrGabeanator

    so do I

  10. Jack Wolf

    I like the song, so that means I like him too

  11. Ray Gibson

    we are all jim in our hearts <3

  12. MrGabeanator


  13. Jack Wolf

    Jim Henson, I wish you would re-incarnate. I like your song from Kermit, and you know what that means………

  14. Veston Bruno

    Sniff, this song makes me so sad. Because it's touching inside my heart. RIP: Jim Henson (1936-1990)

  15. msabelardoeloisa

    I like it!!

  16. Jack Wolf

    I just wish I could have met Jim when I was little, but I never did. If I would have met him, I would tell him how much of an inspiration he had done on my life. I'm not a relative or nothing to him, I'm just one of his biggest fans!!!!!

  17. Cameron S

    Kermit is a Whiney bastard but you gotta love him

  18. pinkflower7783

    Kermit your beyond loved by so many people.

  19. pinkflower7783

    Excuse me I know you're not speaking bad of one of the greatest human beings whoever lived.

  20. claire nicholson

    i love him like i Love Pooh bear when i was growing up i watched all these shows <3 😀

  21. coffeetwelvesugars

    Kermit I love you! -3 xx

  22. Ana Brown

    awww Kermit i like your song to me and i love you too!

  23. Sam Pibworth


  24. Seana L Purvis

    Awww, Kermit. I like you.
    I miss you too. <3
    RIP Jim Henson. You hopefully can see what great gifts you gave this world. See you on the other side of the rainbow.

  25. Kuekator

    Great song and great video! Greetings to Kermit from my duck PULCINATOR die Campi-Bisenzio!

  26. Maria Gaganova


  27. Marie Riedmueller

    hes so cute!!

  28. Tom Ebbs

    Only a true master of puppets can make a real unique personality for his characters, RIP Jim, your spirit will be remembered forever through the puppets that made generations split their sides thinking and laughing.

  29. Jack Wolf

    I just like you, Kermit, no matter what song you sing. RIP, Jim

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