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  1. Suzuka

    This is absolutely brilliant! I don't know if you've heard it Anton, but the style reminds me a lot to the album Hergest Ridge from Mike Oldfield.

  2. John Mirror

    Cirque de Solie can't come up with this shit! lol 😛


    Pure magic.  Our hearts grow.

  4. April Mellor

    wow asia argento and anton making art together!? thats 2 of my favorite artists collaborating! cool! when will or has this film came out?

  5. Juan Manuel Ferrú


  6. worldbones

    TAPE MODE ENABLED. This shit looks great on simulated VHS.

  7. StephenAndrew777

    Have I engaged because you said insane things on his page or have I called you Saddam because you threatened to cause shit on his page on my page?

  8. StephenAndrew777

    lol I've never met him. I like the songs he writes because they sound good. I assume he's much less conservative than I am and I obviously have no idea what his spiritual beliefs are because that's his personal business. Now, if you could, try to start taking your problems with my freedom of speech out on me directly. You're acting as though there's no possible way you could even dream of doing that. I'm embarrassed for you to be completely honest with you. I never deleted any of your threats.

  9. StephenAndrew777

    Mocking profundity is so powerful… Getting out of your way would be inexcusably anti-social. 51 percent of Earth's inhabitants still refuse to negotiate with terrorists, Saddam. Your arrogance is being capitalized on in more ways than you can comprehend.

  10. anton newcombe

    i can't remember because she was very strange.i was dating someone,who said,anton,you should get that girl because she's mega,and i said,if you like her go.in a nice way,she did and i moved to new york,because los angeles was ugly.

  11. Christopher Lopez

    great work.

  12. StephenAndrew777

    "There isn't money enough in the universe to hire me to swing a pickaxe thirty days, but I will do the hardest kind of intellectual work for just as near nothing as you can cipher it down." Mark Twain amuses me and I get a kick out of Anton Newcombe for similar reasons.

  13. filthyagent36

    Man again The flute. It's is keystone if a great vibe for some reason its like it's perpetual, driving in a subtle way. Great stuff as always bro.

  14. ruben vangare


  15. JetPack3001


  16. Dean Redpath

    This is amazing, is the plan to make music for a film, or make the film for the music?

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