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  1. Billy Blanco

    I don't get how anyone thinks this team is better with Hicks. The dudes a glorified bench player.

  2. Stunnershades _

    Very selfish a player to disobey orders, not see real pitching for months, and expect to play in the ALCS.

  3. Javier Cantu

    Aron boone i feel bad for you because you will going to have hard time with the Houston Astros also you going to find out who is you daddy go Houston Astros

  4. Oroborus

    Tampa choked in the first inning. Gonna have to get past Houston now. So be it.

  5. Infused

    thankful we have cc to pitch one of the later games imagine the yankees strength if had germain as well cc germain would be game 4

  6. Robbie Garnz

    I’m not sold on Hicks 100% but i think he adds more value that Voit or Wade at this point. You know damn well they will have 13 pitchers from here on out so that’s one less roster spot for depth.


    1-0 Astros. Two on. No out. Glasnow crapping the bed.

    Astros have a sign-stealing system at home. Oops, now it’s 3-0.

    Yanks -Astros Saturday night.

    Astros in five. They are invincible.


    Watching start of Rays-Astros.

    Cole is virtually unhitable

    This game is over.

    Yanks need to sign him. 5 years $250 million.

  9. Yitzchok Glassman

    Put hicks in Right

  10. King AceVEVO

    KEEP HICKS OUT the team is doing great no need to change it 💯

  11. Tony Tigre

    I could deal with CC in the bullpen. But Hicks im sorry he has no business getting at bats against the Rays or Astros pitching. He hasnt played in over 2 months! Now is not the time to let a guy work on getting his timing back. Besides he fuckin sucked the small portion of the year he actually wasnt injured.

  12. Ray Scott

    Hicks yes baby houston or rays we ready

  13. Omaticdream

    Let’s go on a 8 game winning streak 😍

  14. mark d

    do you guys want cc as lefty specialist over tyler lyons? also get cessa off the roster, he is a waste

  15. Michael Caputo

    go yankees

  16. DaylightDigital

    Why is the audio so poor for EVERY SINGLE YES VIDEO? I mean, literally every video the sound is crazy low we can't hear anything

  17. Samuel A

    keep cc out!!! no respect, but his time is up

  18. James Epstein

    Go Yankees

  19. The Pope Of Sports and Entertainment

    They are stupid to bench EE or Stanton for hicks. for the bench and defensive substitution yes its fine in the 7th inning

  20. The Pope Of Sports and Entertainment

    Cheesecake back for the lefty specialist out of the bullpen and hicks for lefty bat off the bench with defense

  21. QuevoTV

    Glad this team is pushing through all these injuries and other setbacks🖒 Minnesota couldn't slay the dragon😏, so now its time to continue the chase for 28!! #PinstripePostseason

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