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  1. Kathy Christian

    That was lovely – thank you!

  2. Raini anahata

    It's weird every time I watch this it clears my mind and helps me sleep but tonight it made me think about everything and now I can't sleep but maybe it better that I though about everything and can't think it gives me an opportunity to think about every thing and in some way that helps to clear my mind but I can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing I can't sleep but at the same time I can think

  3. Curious Ang

    Thank you😇🥰🥰

  4. K.T. Colbert

    Love this!

  5. Peace and Love

    Breathe in…… breathe out …….source adores you

  6. Margaret Marie

    such a wonderful meditation when your sick!

  7. krublee

    Thank You. Amen

  8. Implementation Is The key


  9. Terry Mortensen

    That was so relaxing I didn’t want it to end!

  10. TheTristancrowe

    A Godsend for me, i try to listen to this whenever I can!

  11. Maria Lorica

    Thank you so much
    Amazing ❤️

  12. Jordan Nichols

    Love love love

  13. Zaniaa Ariel

    Seriously, best meditation ever. I’m so grateful to have found this video!

    I’ve been listening to this literally non-stop since I found it (it found me, we found each other) and wow. What amazingness!

  14. Ken Kaye

    Very cool, Ty so much for sharing, love and light to you nasmaste

  15. Natalie Rivera

    How is this going to cure my breast cancer? No matter how much I breath in and out my tumor is still there and painful

  16. sian phillips

    I always fall asleep listening to this …hope this is ok

  17. PandJ Blake

    I like this but cannot bear the music, which I find intrusive, distracting and actually quite physically painful – I think it is the high pitch of it. Is the tape available just spoken, without the music?

  18. sunita Banthia

    I daily listen to this n start my day

  19. sunita Banthia

    I am tapped in turned on n tuned in .all unwanted things gone n all the good things are flowing to me .i m loved .i m blessed n i m wanted. God loves me .food loves me .family n friends loves me .money loves me .i have hardy strong youthful body .i m sexy .i m beautiful .i m hot . I love my self

  20. Chanyapak Geske

    ♥️♥️♥️ Thank you for this Playlist. Just feel Thanksful. ♥️🙏🙏🙏📌🇹🇭📌🇩🇪

  21. Flat Earth Vegans


  22. 29 canteen


  23. Shaun

    Thank you Esther/Source and whomever else made this availible to me. When ive been out of alignment awhile and need a little help, this one does the trick.

  24. Ana Gacita Benaso Woods

    My gratitude to my mentor Abraham, madam Easter Hicks for this guided meditation video the best healing meditation in the world 🌍 my physical body, mind responds to my non-physical universal forces this very powerful thank you thank you, everything is working out for me and I’m always tuned in, turn on, connected inside the Vortex…🌪💜🙏

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