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  1. Autismo

    lol Anything to get those precious chinese dollars

  2. CptLolles

    I remember Jim talking about the influence of China on entertainment in the The Epic Brutality Of Unchecked Capitalism episode of the jimquisition.

    Looks like he was right yet again.

  3. Displacer Bear

    Blizzard hasn't put out anything good since Star-craft, Fuck Blizzard!

  4. Bruno Bertossi

    you have let me down Jim, One China One Country

  5. Djuntas

    Tencent has Blizzard by the balls – Its and pathetic. Should just had ignored this incident, NEVER supress anyones beliefs.

  6. groundbreaker91

    A similar situation just happened with the NBA, and this whole thing just disgusts me. I live in a country where we're supposed value freedom and democracy, yet we see clear examples of corporate greed trumping those values with little consequence. It's just….saddening. Honestly, if there were any decency or morality in the world, the heads of these corporate entities who kowtow to the Chinese would be forced to spend some time among the people over there and learn how it feels to be part of the subverted populace for once.

  7. ThisistheTale

    They broke their own competition rule, they've offended me by refusing to pay the guy when he is owed the money

  8. Justin Bailey

    Wait, doesn't Jim support YouTube censoring and banning people he doesn't agree with? Weird…

  9. Gabriel Bellinger

    I encourage anyone who hates the idea of China having control over their lives, to uninstall ALL blizzard products, cancel blizz subscriptions, and KEEP IT THAT WAY until blizzard makes some concessions and comes to their senses and remembers that they are an AMERICAN company from a democratic society, not a chinese company from an oppressive communist regime and major human rights violator.

  10. Goodbrew84

    Everyone is overreacting to this. A lot of people are pro human rights abuse, and Blizzard is just trying to make a safe space for them.

  11. Unknown

  12. John Doe

    I normally don't care much for Jim's content, but he's right on the money this time. Blizzard can gargle a shotgun, no wonder their old timers have been jumping ship for the past few years.

  13. zeth fox

    I often agree with you jim…but not on this one… regardless of the topic, the player abused the stage…and there are consequences. Had blizzard not done this, it would set a precedent that you can go on thier massively televised stage and yell anything you want without discourse…. what next year a female player rants about her views on abortion? Year after a player rants about thier opinion on gay marriage …the players are there to play the game, not abuse thier viewership to spread opinions regardless of the topic….theres a time and a place for these types of display….the player could have done it instead on his own stream, on his own social media…. what this player did was the equivalent of running into a reporter on the street and screaming "grab her right in the pussy"….the ban is deserved and blizzard was right to do so….

  14. Skopey Skillinski

    This is the best example of how communism and capitalism fail at the same time!

  15. Chief Engineer Lily Shen

    Commander, we believe in freedom worldwide. Here are some suitable alternatives to giving Blizzard your money:

    Overwatch = Paladins
    Diablo 3 = Torchlight 2
    World of Warcraft = Final Fantasy XIV
    Hearthstone = Shadowverse

  16. N F

    Why is everyone just NOW talking about Chinas oppression? China makes a lot of money because of OUR consumer classes, we're funding them. Their child labor, their corruption. I've been on this train for awhile, don't buy chinese products. Fuck 'em.

  17. SectionEight

    Someone on the Hong Kong subreddit suggested using Mei from Overwatch as a pro-democracy and pro-human rights symbol in hopes that with enough spread on social media, the Chinese government would take notice of it and ban Overwatch out right. This strategy would effectively cut off one of Blizzard's revenue streams from China.

  18. migs

    weaponized gamers, jesus christ

  19. Thomas Jenkins

    wait…so it's wrong to choose money over ideals in this situation, but the trade war with china is bad because it's costing americans money?

  20. Henry Seldon

    Goodbye activision, you are no longer welcome in my home or life. Destroyed all activision products and will encourage my family and friends to do the same. F**k you activision!

  21. Faen Wulf

    The problem is… If Blizzard-Activision would lose the chinese market Bobby Fuckhead would be the last person to lose money over it, but hundreds or thousands of low level workers who have no control over the whole situation. It's a really fucked up situation.

  22. Harry Townsend

    The guy turned a Blizzard tournament event into his personal political forum. Not only that, he brought up a particularly charged and divisive topic. I imagine Blizzard would also not have been happy if he started promoting one side of the Brexit debate or the other either. If you think he should have been able to say what he wanted on someone else's platform because of "freedom of speech", just think about what you're asking for here. By the same logic, you'd be legitimizing racists and pedophiles going on and promoting their views. People clearly would not stand for it. The winner shouldn't be given extra rights just because we happen to share his political sentiment.

    Everyone likes the idea of big corporations getting political while they share an enemy. What happens when you become the enemy and you're standing up to a corporation alone? Businesses and politics should be kept separate as much as possible.

  23. Gavin Magness

    So what do we do about it? Boycott Blizzard? Do we think that the business blizz loses by trampling over human rights outweighs the business they get from China? Like you say, this situation is just going to get worse, and I'm not feeling optimistic about our chances.

  24. Zigti

    Seriously Jim drop off the politic stuff, that's just awkward. China never asked anything in the first place , it was an error from a Hong Kong politician. And about freedom, you're living in America dude, get real, at least Chineses don't have to kill poor brown people in a distant land to get education.

  25. Mikesman1000

    does anyone knows that there are people dying because of the rioters? no? you can see yourself, how they attack people on streets, come to weddings and more of that shit.

  26. Sword Breaker

    That's okay, Activision/Blizzard can lick the arse of Whinnie the Pooh and the 50cent Army. I'll just spend my money on developers who don't.

  27. Ranadinn

    I am suddenly offended by video game violence. I say we all complain about how they are showing videos of violent video games. Normalizing the violence by treating it like a sport. Maybe they will end the tournaments with enough complaints as per their rules.

  28. Adam

    Looks like Jim Sterling has gone full right-wing bootlicker.

  29. Ben Johnson

    Blizzard can go and get fucked.

  30. LOL

    Esse poço de banha britânico só fala merda.

  31. Eqvil

    Why the fuck did the player have to even say something along the lines of 'This is for you Hong King"? That statement and his victory have realistically NOTHING to do with HK. If he were sponsored by the HK government, coming from the slums, and all the people from his ghetto came together to realize his dream to go to the tournament, then I would understand his statement. This is just shallow use of the spotlight (10K prize money is fucking pitiful IMO).

    My old company fired a guy for talking about a highly sensitive political situation in the Middle East while wearing his work uniform which had the company logo, and it was written in the contract that such talk during working hours is not allowed. This is something that companies do all the time to avoid damage to their image. If people think the few cancelled WOW subscriptions is a bigger hit than losing the biggest market of the entertainment industry, then they are just delusional.

    I wish it were not like this, but I am not gonna lie to myself and expect a chair to fly.

  32. Feng Thao

    Winte- Blizzard is coming

  33. Fabian Mash


  34. Jm 115

    And this, everyone, is called 'business over ethics.'

  35. Heinrich Dethahal

    If the China Extradition Law passes, anyone watching this video would be liable for imprisonment should you ever set foot into Hong Kong (even for a transfer) as you broke Mainland Chinese Laws overseas. Once again I'm not kidding.
    The Extradition Law doesn't only apply to the Hong Kong people. It applies to the Hong Kong region. So if you broke Mainland Chinese laws overseas, or offend Mainland China overseas, the moment you set foot onto Hong Kong, you can be legally taken into Mainland China with no warning and be processed under their judicial system. The law was made in mind to extradite rogue officials and businessman as well as to detain political opponents who happen upon China's backyard.

  36. ryuuseiSoul

    Just a correction Jim, the bill has not been withdrawn yet. The bill was pronounced "dead" which means the equivalent of "suspended" if anything. A suspended bill is just paused, and can be restarted at a moment's notice. And then later, the bill was submitted for withdrawal. This means that it still has to go through legislation to pronounce it withdrawn, but it is not withdrawn yet.

    Additionally, they only want the June 12th protests to have the characterization of a riot lifted. Not sure if they would disagree that the protests have evolved into a riot now.

  37. Omar Stevens

    I wonder how many of you actually know what they're protesting for.

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