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  1. Looper

    Do you think it's important for people to be open about their mental health?

  2. Darth Vestius

    Please. Watching these no talent hacks put a strain on our wallet, and our mental health.

  3. MeghAnL HPAyhurst

    What is the music in the background?

  4. K-rex

    "Never had to inhabit a character so dark so painful so lonely." Boi take a walk in my shoes. 😂

  5. Fritzie Fernandez-Craft

    Thank you for making this. I’m a therapist and I like to use this to show my clients that other people have similar experiences of depression, anxiety, etc. I’m happy that people are more willing to talk about mental health. It’s just was important as physical and dental health.

    FYI-People in crisis can text 741 741 as well. Or go to their nearest emergency room for help.

  6. mgonzalez.88

    I sympathize with kit, I can't act for shit either

  7. Ollie Smith

    Mental health took Robin Williams from us all way too soon.

  8. alexandr100989

    Why didnt you mention an actor who acted Halk?

  9. Kriss Bradley

    This video will give people dealing with mental health issues the courage to seek help with their mental health issues.

  10. nora robinson

    Mr. Levi would have been great as Star Lord

  11. Filip Hovland

    Wow… To hear every story of successfull celebrities who lose their will to live is so powerful. It helps to know you are not alone with your struggles with life, and for a pretty lonely guy like me, it feels good

  12. Midnight Boomerang

    If you have issues being rich and famous and making movies for a living stfu.

  13. hi this is a comment

    Who cares about celebrities personal problems? We should only care about their fucking beauty of work

  14. Roberto Buatti

    I deal with high anxiety and OCD and a bit of depression every day. When I was in high school in the 90's I was obese and got punched up for my size and also because of my low I.Q. I wanted to become an actor when I was 15 because movies have always been my passion, then in my early 20's I started to get interested in behind the scenes of movies and wanted to become a director but because I went on a diet which led to me losing weight very fast I got obsessed with calories which led to anorexia and then bulimia which now I'm over but now I have thyroid issues and physical pain from my past eating disorders. I'm almost 38 and my dream has never come true to be a director. I also have learning disabilities which I got bullied for as well. Having OCD and anxiety since I was 12 has been hard and I've seen numerous therapist for over 20 years. I'm not trying to make people feel sorry for me, I'm just expressing myself.

  15. Don Macarthur

    Mass kudos to these celebs for becoming true heroes. Especially the men. We still have too much of an attitude that minimizes mental health issues as being as serious as cancer, AIDS or other physical afflictions. Men are still being told to be strong, suck it up or stop being a pussy when it comes to mental issues. I promote the positive aspects of counseling and medical attention to friends, family and coworkers often.

  16. Will G. Forrest

    Who here has a diagnosed anxiety disorder? ✋🏻

  17. John Wilkinson

    What is it about actors and other creatives throughout history that causes them to suffer from mental health issues? It seems to be more prevalent among actors than other types of artists, although I've known a number of both actors and other artists who suffer mental health issues. Would it have anything to do with never being truly themselves because they're trying to be other people all of the time? Are they not comfortable being who they are? What is it?

  18. James Dooling

    I know thousands of people by name. I can safely say not one of them doesn't have a touch of mental health issues which need addressing.

  19. PlatinumRoseLady

    Jared Padalecki is an amazing human being. Full freaking stop.

  20. saganist

    Professional or not, we are all actors and actresses. All the world is a stage. All the world is a mental asylum.

  21. Hank Moodkiller

    Yeah,rough stuff keep on trucking baby! 😜

  22. Maurio Coles

    The struggle as a adult with mental health is something else that people sometimes carelessly say, "Deal with it." SMH.

  23. ellie9311

    just makes you think that even celebrities are really just human like the rest of us and have the same problems as we do we tend to forget that

  24. John V

    Wow. All these actors need a the rapist to cope with being a millionaire with hundreds of thousands of fans. That must be so devastating.

  25. Nvi Warren

    I felt Killmongers pain…. I wanted him to win in a different way. You need therapy just from watching the news these days.

  26. BelowAverageLuke

    Just remember that, ßûīçįđə is always the answer ☝️

  27. Tomislav Bošnjak

    Doctor asks patient:does anyone in your family suffers from mental illnesses?
    Patient:no,we all enjoy it

  28. Densetsu San

    I wish I was an actor so that people would care about my mental health

  29. Remedy

    I can see how dressing up, standing in front of a green screen and reading lines someone else wrote could be the most soul crushing occupation a human can have 🤔

  30. Ricky Puente

    Looper found the recipe for digital crack with these videos

  31. Thee KinG

    Shit I'd have a mental breakdown too if my character arc of ten years ended like that too just to look bitch made.

  32. rooster nation 1224

    To me all the movie was great

  33. Mark Runk

    Their paid liars, that have a hard time seeing reality from fantasy. Yet they are portrayed as stable individuals. Yet their main job is to be a paid liar.

  34. Hairy Pancake

    Lesson: Being actor in #1 movie franchise always leads to mental illness
    1. Star Wars (Mark Hamill, Hayden Christensen, Carrie Fisher, Ahmed Best & many more)
    2. Bond (Daniel Craig)
    3. Marvel cinematic universe (Chris Evan, Michael B. Jordan & Terrence Howard and Possibly Brie Larson)
    4. Indiana Jones(Shia LaBeouf & River Phoenix)

  35. 책읽어주는여자julie

    separate actors feeling and real life is hard…? i dont understand..

  36. Allie Rebel Winchester

    Jared is my hero. He taught me to keep fighting

  37. One From Knight

    Waiting for Black Panther 2 Movie. Is it new bit of Black Panther 2 Movie in this Video?



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