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  1. Johnson Bros

    I'm crying😭😭😭
    I remember waking up really happy and excited knowing that I would be able to watch adventure time
    This really honestly made an impact on my life😭

  2. Cool E


  3. Anime Nico Also loves kpop

    I remember seeing this ad on Cartoon when I was younger

    Without the New York remix

  4. kuko0306

    Good times!

  5. Minty Fresh

    a classic

  6. Loving Diamond

    This is so awesome i love it

  7. blepeded


  8. Holland Laak

    2020 still a banger 😂😂

  9. RocketteBaby

    Brought to me by science teacher at school

  10. Emii ii

    7 years ago? excuse me? whaatt

  11. moon zipper

    This is a literal portal to my childhood

  12. FBI

    just seeing this in the future, it is still great and will never be forgotten

  13. Hampus Dahl Vallin

    This is givning me life

  14. The kinged of Jay

    New York bacon pancakes

  15. Pixu

    best 45 seconds of my life

  16. destiny

    this will never get old

  17. EVAS Music

    Any body watching this in 2020?no, just me

  18. EVAS Music

    This 😊

  19. Raven inquisitor

    Everyone gangsta until PB shows up

  20. dat luu

    I’m soo sad that adventure time is over

  21. Chérie

    My friend just ate bacon pancakes

  22. Rose

    I come back to this ever few years/months when I remember it exists.

  23. NoobPrePro !

    Tears. These are tears

  24. ToastyGunslinger

    long version doesn't work 🙁

  25. Rabid _Monster24

    2020 and it still rocks

  26. Rodriks Beats

    O problema desse vídeo é que ele acaba

  27. Ameer Nelson

    Why this so fire doe? 😭

  28. Faithful Freak

    I just searched up Bacon pancakes to enjoy the song, but was greeted with this work of art instead. I'm truly inspired by this song to become a better person

  29. Eightball hikred

    Can’t wait to come back to this video in another 10 years

  30. Kanter Robert

    Wow, i forgot abut this, this was my childhood 😀 So good to hear it again

  31. Heiwiik


  32. NovahIsHere

    I was 12 when this video was posted. Now I'm 20…Oh how time flies

  33. Ava 1929

    This song is permanently glued in my mind I can’t-

  34. AJ Rulz

    This is definitely a work of beautiful art 🤧

  35. Ninja Hombrepalito

    Here from Th3Birdman

  36. Freddy Jump and run

    Im sure that this can end all wars, stop global warming and solve global Hunger

  37. British_mafia44


  38. X Hypnotizem X

    If this isn’t played in my funeral than I’m not even going

  39. Noswolf kop

    2020 listening!

  40. Gentcheeto

    Leaked: adventure time takes place in New York

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