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  1. Funning Animals


  2. Rebecca Marini

    from a fellow AFSer i can say that this made me miss my host country so much

  3. C Elizabeth

    I did AFS Italy in 2008, now I go back every summer for a month

  4. Nintendo fanguy Rules #1

    I love your jacket

  5. Zibin Jing


  6. Keira Shena

    Ah! I just couldn’t decide where to go for my 1 semester trip for study abroad in school. It was either going to be China or Japan and both seem so cool!

  7. 万寿吾江我蛤永恒


  8. Cjango Freeman

    You young ladies are adorable! Jessica you are very pretty.

  9. 荷包蛋

    pretty video and pretty girls:)

  10. Zo Hu

    what is the name of the BGM

  11. Jaycee calvin

    where is the great wall? lol

  12. monarch wangke

    you can fly girls.

  13. Clarence Shaw

    The winter is not so friendly, cause the air condition is always bad.

  14. JJH

    Cool vid. It basically covers all the major attractions in BJ

  15. valdak sai

    jessica Duhon, i am coming to china beijin do you have any suggestions or advises ???

  16. Tania Šheridan

    The streets of Beijing look so clean and neat, why they don't do the same thing in USA the litter all over on The sidewalk, on the streets, on the parks everywhere make so mad!!

  17. sylph001

    Thanks for your good video

  18. amos325

    The small grocery store you visited is at the bottom of my building. It is a pleasant surprise to see somewhere you are soo familiar with in a youtube video. thanks !

  19. BO YUAN

    Enjoy your study and stay in China!

  20. Ariel Lee

    You study in Anshan, so what do you think of 东北人?

  21. Chai Xiao

    i'm from Liaoning,shenyang,are yuou sill in china?

  22. Jason Tan

    Great background music and views , cool!!

  23. Fernweh

    Hey amazing Video! Do something good for yourself, you deserve it 🙂 Liked and subscribed to support you 🙂 We're also vlogging our worldtravels. On road since more then a year! It's good fun! Cheers from Cebu, Philippines <3

  24. naSu


  25. Gregory Crewdson


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