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  1. The Genius

    Hot white woman. I'd doggystyle her so hard against the wall.

  2. Duane Newen

    👺Communists made to control it's people's⚒, if they spreading, its would be very bad disasters and effective for Asian living around the world. 🙏HKG and President 🇺🇸 stop the communists spread to ours ❤️🌍🙏🏻😇…

  3. AdoreMiyabear

    China should divide North China are communist and South China are Republicans
    Let divide China no more bloodshed.
    United Nations decides peace treaty the
    North Communist rule| |South China Republic

  4. Bob Wong

    Fake news , not worth to spend even a second with it , as those masked mobs are all being paid by Western power try to ruin Hong Kong .

  5. MrMeta4ical

    Id like to point out that water is as hard as concrete if you hit it at certain velocities. The use of a “water cannon” probably sounds very inert to most people

  6. Blackbear Bear

    This is new world order agenda wake up people

  7. Mike Liu

    we need to help hongkong and its people. once a lovely city now turns into warzone thanks to ccp oppresssion. Go Hongkong, fight for ur freedom.

  8. Kaixiang Lin

    China should let HK be a democracy country. It’s obviously what the people wants.

  9. Andy Zheng

    all these protesters should be shot

  10. Loraine Jones

    Terrible news report watch hong kong or china news for real story.

  11. Kwan Chu

    The guy who published this video asked this question: "Why would the thugs listen to this foreigner ?". My two cents: He is the boss who is paying their salaries, or he is the boss from CIA.

  12. lukngud

    I see more Press than Protesters!

  13. I O

    violent stupid riots and western media coveraged have nothing to do with celebrations.

  14. GoreRex

    i think antifa has way too much to learn from 曱甴



  16. W. Z.

    They are just a few violent riots hijacking Hong kong. So despicable.

  17. urdbest

    Happy 70th Birthday!!! Really Awesome!!

  18. William Singht

    I AM SIMPLE MAN: If news channel is not Chinese, I downvote it

  19. Peter Lee

    What would those white leaders do in the same situation happened in Hong Kong on Oct 1?

  20. warren ammerita

    Andrew Jackson farewell address says that the constitution meant for you to have a circulating medium of gold and silver coins

  21. warren ammerita

    JPMorgan and the RICO indictment justice department homepage spoofing the silver crimex comex market for thousands of fake contracts and hundreds of times John Edmonds and Christian trunz plea guilty

  22. warren ammerita

    Don't talk about the spoofing of the silver and gold markets by JPMorgan and Deutsche bank and Merrill Lynch and SCOICA CAPITAL and UBS for nine years eighty million dollar fine by justice department homepage

  23. Tcxn T

    Our government should deploy troops on the street as soon as possible, stop the violent and restore peace in Hong Kong soon,otherwise this kind of incidents will happen again and again.Our government should care about the people, rather than how western media think.希望装备防暴武器的部队迅速进香港全面戒严,逮捕所有暴徒,不然这种冲突造成的悲剧会不断上演,政府应该关心人民生命财产安全而不是西方媒体怎么扯的

  24. Faqm Mall

    Why isn’t the USA spreading freedom and democracy???

  25. Alan Hoo

    what do you guys expect police to do? join the protest and let the city out of control? is this democracy really?

  26. Sin ZX

    Fake news

  27. Zach Blakeslee

    Keep your firearms ladies and gentleman

  28. Teh Mu Jin

    Shoot the CIA 5 cents violent agents

  29. Minchu TS

    If they do the same in USA they will be SHOT by riot police if they are BLACKS !!!

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