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  1. Asamanyuah Batyno

    When any government try to move those guy we try to politicise it. Am a fire officer I once went there dowse a fire I complain one of the guys there told me they will a big man to report me. We will continue killing ourselves because of politics. Hmm.wake up GH.


    Hmmm. It's 2020! But we still cannot see clearly!!

  3. aboaboyah ciciniko

    Very bad situation 👌


    Where are the landfill workers and bulldozers?

  5. George

    If you want to tell whether a government is corrupt, don't look at monies being stolen or contracts alone… Ask yourself a few questions;
    1) is there proper sanitation?
    2) does the city have proper drainage and doesn't smell like a sewer?
    3) is there proper infrastructure like roads, power and good public transport to promote higher living standards?

    If your answer to these questions is NO, then you have a country with corrupt and useless leaders who don't care about their people.

  6. Isaac Gbornor


  7. Tt Dadzie

    What baffles me is why they are not harvesting the heat energy from the combustible waste. If you are going to kill us, at least give us cheap electricity.

  8. James Frankson Tettey

    Bla Bla Bla, that is the only thing they know how to do. PEOPLE WITH NO PROBLEM SOLVING ABILITIES. I sit here in the comfort of my pension home and laugh at them. Ghanaians and for that matter Africans have not what it takes to build a modern society. How can you put a new wine into an old bottle…… The new wine being MODERNITY; the old bottle being Ghanaians with TRADITIONAL MINDSET. As the Twi people say Ebe Ts3.

  9. ralph ampadu boateng

    why do we do this to ourselves? we are degrading our environment and is worrying. the district assemblies and environmental protection agency what are you doing?

  10. BMo

    Where is AKUFFO ADDO?

  11. RAA

    They must be moved Environmental protection what is their use, Ghana everyone must be removed including the market. Everything is politics in Ghana.

  12. raba Ashanti man

    This government is a disappointed, only SHS free education

  13. rexford mensah

    So the Government can not secure loan to develop that very place? It is very center of Accra and i don't know why no Government is interested to develop that place, in 2017 it was pronounced the worlds most toxic place on earth by W.H.O and its still staring at our face!

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