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  1. Ragg mufin

    A shell of himself.. Another industry victim.. Was here since 100k followers.

  2. Yuss Alexter

    what hve they done to ak………

  3. jacques taljaardt

    Where the rap at?

  4. drtydeeedz squad

    His old music is so much better. Hes startin to sound like everyone else🤷

  5. User Anonymous staten island

    I ain't hating bro. Always support your work. But you need to show the hunger. Your real fans know. We need that aggressive sound on banging beats again. Like a year or 2 ago. Get that hunter back for us. Day one's

  6. Jessica Me

    He is from New Jersey and going to make it…love it!!! … NJ has brought us alot of greats!!💓

  7. Eric Reyneke



    I see all y’all hatin on this mans music now now like let him grind man be happy he made it this far I understand this ain’t as good as his old stuff but I like this better my opinion he could change mainstream

  9. Just Vegeta

    https://www.facebook.com/officialtrentonwilliams/videos/2278336369123861/ this guy is using your music to make money off iTunes bro. I'm a big fan of you. I love u music. I saw this video on Facebook and dude is stealing ur music for his own. And selling it. Jus thought I'd post the link here hopefully you'd be able to check it out.

  10. Jordan Flood

    miss the old stuff I don’t bother to listen to his new shit it’s not him

  11. December Spurlock

    he is really good at rap in

  12. fi skull

    Oooo and ma eyes turn into blue

  13. Stuart Buchanan

    vessifootwear hte guy looks like doc from tombstone

  14. Chris Bennetts

    Ak was better when he wasn't a sellout, step up to the mic in a bedroom and rip harder than million dollar platinum players, with real artistic lyrics, no auto tune…. Go back to being real

  15. RedTex

    I remember that panda remix and now look 🔥🔥

  16. Akka Velli

    Unsubbed. Been a fan since panda but you evolved into garbage bro.

  17. WIN N3D

    I fuck with you. But I’m not feelin this

  18. RmackGuides

    I still support you man glad you're getting paid sad to see someone with talent waste it though.

  19. Djordje Kruscic


  20. ChefGuth11

    Dam 103k views in one day

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