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  1. Rene Gatif

    Tout western de leone😒

  2. Alfonso Bonasera

    Awsome Music like it

  3. trydownloadingthis

    0:43 Think of a tiger prowling through the long grass.

  4. Martin Long

    I never tire of this 🙂 Abayo

  5. Ian Murdock

    Song was awesome throughout the movie, but hearing at the end just puts a smile on your face. Like "that was awesome."

  6. Lukecash12

    Sato and Hayasaka are super creative and expressive, and Kurosawa makes modern film directors look silly. Roman Polanski, Steven Spielberg, and Quention Tarantino? They would be trailing behind with a good view of Kurosawa's tail and arse if he today was his prime.

  7. Media by Aaron

    Movie is so awesome, music is so awesome!

  8. WiiFan20XX

    Korosawa is my favorite director and this is one of my favorite movies

  9. Alex K

    Kurosawa and Leone forever!!!!

  10. TheShoe1990

    Kurosawa wanted Toshiro Mifune to portray the nameless samurai as that of a "wolf" & i think this theme compliments that aspect of his character 🙂

  11. Chase Gosney

    @l0gan316 Yeah, and this song already has an amazing beat.

  12. Chase Gosney

    This gives me the chills. SOOOO EPIC!!!!!!!!

  13. Chase Gosney

    @TheZombiePacMan It does it PERFECT justice. So dark, sarcastic and gritty,

  14. Erika

    "Hansuke! Go hang yourself."

  15. Frank Rideau

    Amazing music !

  16. deborah bloomer

    I was very disapointed when I sat down to watch "Fistful of Dollars" just to see that it was pretty much the same thing as "Yojimbo", although I do credit Leone's great framing. Actually, I think even the music is better in "Yojimbo", and I love Morricone.


    I love to frighten the feeble peasants as I walk toward thine mead hall/ high class pretzel factory (God-kings enjoy pretzels from time to time), and this music dost work wonders as a soundtrack.

  18. Blue Jones

    @Sirkilla120 *** You're

  19. Blue Jones

    @Sirkilla120 ***Your

  20. deadcops

    @LamontDaGrizzly omfg kill you're self

  21. BlackBeltJohnson

    Excellent music!!! Thanks for posting!

  22. Jason Whiton

    Also my commuting to work music this past week.

  23. Max Kaufman

    My new early morning while walking to work song. Thanks!

  24. tisbutafleshwound

    Great music, thank you very much for posting, I loved the music in Yojimbo, and I couldn't find it
    btw: Your description is incorrect, "Fistfull of Dollars" is Italian, not American.

  25. Volviert


  26. Volviert

    Yeah, I noticed it on your name…

  27. Rocco R

    Thank you very much!!! I love this film very much! And music is AMAZING!!!

  28. LamontDaGrizzly

    I'm waiting for the rza or somebody to snatch this up and come out with a cold ass banger, i know he can do it.

  29. Djangoblackbird

    Jason Moran, jazz pianist, does this on one of his albums.

    Somebody HAS to incorporate this into hip-hop somehow. You'd barely even have to alter it.

  30. Marina Rodia

    THANK YOU!!!!!! is the most lovely film of me:)

  31. Adam Noyes

    Masaru Sato. He also did music for several of the Godzilla movies.

  32. Satanicuslupis

    you just read my mind. would there be leone without kurosawa?

  33. theotherserge

    so cool, I was trying to find the composer's name. thx!

  34. TheHickster06


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