Akon Has His Own Crypto Currency, Talks New Music, Uplifting New Artists + More

Akon introduced us to all the details of his new cryptocurrency Akoin and everything he did for the new music. Subscribe to the breakfast club now: ….

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  1. Dareon Millar

    envy lil slow

  2. Sohib Versace

    Get the chain, car, and the house, in that order! 😂

  3. Umar

    Smart goat

  4. Iheart 90

    Envy not so bragging now 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Sandra Mendez

    Nice one Akon, I honestly feel no one should be skeptical about investing in bitcoin, its the future and with the help of an amazing trader/miner like Pauline Burnett you can learn how to trade and earn daily/weekly. I have personally been trading with Pauline of over 2 months now and I have made over $25,000 worth of profits.

  6. Jay Warriors

    The real goat 🐐

  7. Kenneth and Joyce

    He is such a humble person

  8. Travaze Poitier

    this interview gonna be gold in 5 years when the world really grasp the power of digital currency

  9. Safeguarded Mailbox

    Whos is supposed to be a real billionaire by a fair game? Jay Z or Akon? I'd rather stick with Akon.

  10. Crypto NWO

    Lmaoooooo Akon has become a Cryptocurrency promoter, the competition is fierce

  11. Franklin Williams


  12. Hu Hui

    Envy Needs Shut The Fucc Upp Who Cares How It Looks My Nigga!!

  13. Spodabee69

    30:35 STFU! Akon is getting what he deserves

  14. Christian Otero

    @breakfast club the dollar is backed by precious metals

    crypto is backed by words

  15. Killuminati

    Envy dumb asfuck jealous ass nigga

  16. LilSlykk1

    He ain’t ever releasing an album

  17. Cheat Code2X

    where is charlamaine????

  18. BIRD574 !!

    We went off gold standard in 71.Educate yourselves. All these people have all this money and don’t have any real assets

  19. SlowFox GoFox

    Akon explaining crypto to these guys like im trying to explain it to my 67yr old dad, still calls it a scam xD

  20. Mr Parks

    Strong black man ! Marketing genius

  21. John A.i.

    Stop calling Bitcoin a digital coin. It’s a secure network that is decentralized, and within the network you can also to peer-to-peer transactions. There’s no person involved that has to approve your money going wherever you want to send it. You just hit buy, hit send, and by mathematical algorithms, it gets purchased and sent.

    Now you are trusting the science of math instead of man.

  22. Dara Berry

    Is he friends with Michael Blackson?

  23. M trizzy

    Dang where ctg at for this one

  24. Jima TutPur

    Akon is a smart dude, you can tell just from how he talks that he is one intelligent dude with good heart 👏👍

  25. louis smith

    Bro this man Akon a legend like are yall hearing the shits his has been able to do bruh leaving permanents marks on this planet S/o's to him


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  27. somma pt

    Akon is the best, cheers from Portugal 🇵🇹

  28. Comedian T.Wells

    His solar biz is crazy dope

  29. Rebelside Al14

    I respect this man AKON stand strong 💪

  30. Alex Boiteux

    Akon is Legendary !

  31. Simply Beautiful Travels With Lecia

    Very good interview on Akon part. Business man is written all over his face. I can’t believe envy think something a scam cause he don’t understand. Wow!

  32. Gray Slim619

    Damn envy you must study, the dollar is not backed up by anything thanks to president Roosevelt in 1933

  33. G Name

    "the U.S. has no natural resources that back the dollar, nothing." -Akon

    The total natural resources in the country are valued at $45 trillion with over 89% of them being timber and coal. The United States has a sizeable deposit of copper, gold, oil and natural gas. Don't take financial advice from celebrities, people.

  34. Kieshana Dove

    Envy is dumb as rocks…Every time he speaks i'm reminded how materialistic he is..the definition of a sheep

  35. Jgoolsby Photography

    Fiat money has nothing to back it but debt. Our money used to be backed by gold and silver. That changed with Nixon aka the Nixon Shock, back in 1971.

  36. Kausay

    defo in my top 5!

  37. Cup of CHI

    Him and pusha t favor to me

  38. cire155

    Envy " It's working for you over there" = " You go ahead and run that African scamming shit I'm good"

  39. Eric Collins

    RIP to Nipsey…he invested heavy in crypto company too. This was one of many things he had going

  40. Godfather's Panorama

    Angela Yee is a serious treasure to Breakfast Club. She consistently comes with her A -game. She does her homework, does her research, asks incisive and poignant questions, is courteous and very professional. I'll run out of adjectives for this woman's qualities – above all she is very informed. What a gracious host!

    I'm plainly saying DJ Envy and CTG can elevate their game cos they are getting bested on every show by this amazing woman.

  41. Rosita Zepeda

    Bitcoin is the future, maybe we won't live to see it but it will happen. Lord protect this man from the greedy elite bastards

  42. Kasey Render

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  43. sampa

    when is akons A coin being released and how do i can my hands on same of it??

  44. Glyn Mwiya

    Heard akon has like a zillion kids

  45. Larry Standifer

    i just got tint on my windows same color Akon.

  46. NORMAN

    Please tell Akon I'm that one artist he's looking for. I swear on my father's grave. No joke.

  47. Jazz Aughton

    Dj Envy sounding pretty envious 😂

  48. tiger John

    Africa we are NOT poor we are the one feeding this world.because European and American without no Africa they are the poorest people in Africa. But now we don't need white people in our continent

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