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    great video fellow Alaskans

  2. Colin Kulukhon-Lincoln

    Aaahhhhh,Nome sweet Home. Auggie, Richard and Joy are great people and are doing big things there. You made me home sick.

  3. ka1133

    Great video … amazing people!! I loved it!!! Reminded me somewhat of the people of Newfoundland. You'll find none better anywhere in the world.

  4. Bryant Grantham

    This is the neat stuff I subscribed for. Thanks you guys!

  5. Deborah Linker

    Truly enjoyed the video on Nome. Thanks for making my day!!!

  6. Lola L

    The mayor is a character for sure…. he would be fun to meet & be entertained by 👍

  7. Richard Bohling Sr

    That was a fun video series to see. TFS Hope you had a great time up there. Happy trails.

  8. Wander Lost

    I loved this… so awesome to hear from everyone!

  9. Talesin- God of the Internet

    is it okay to say i love rebecca and traveling with her though the gates of hell would be fun?

  10. Paula Haddox

    That was great! So many characters inhabit the state of Alaska.

  11. akbychoice

    This was an especially fun video.
    One of the mines I delivered fuel to at Tofty, AK used little giants operated by computers to blast the frozen overburden to get to the gold. Often they would also uncover prehistoric animal remains such as Mastodon Tusks. One of the mines near Livengood, Ak found a tusk that was over 90 lbs.

  12. David McConnell

    :-)) :-)) :-))

  13. Tammy Scully

    Omg… I didn't want this video to end. Amazing stories. So happy for you both. ❤❤❤ Hugs to you both. Tom and Tam. 😘

  14. Bird Man

    Nice interviews. 👊👍😎

  15. cmlackey1

    Awesome, thanks for sharing about Nome. Someday I hope and pray I get the chance to see Alaska. You have shared your love for the state and in watching these videos you have shared and other you tubers I have put Alaska at the very top of my bucket list.

  16. Scott TheOzoneGuy

    Thought I might be bored with this long video. Quite the contrary! Very personal and entertaining. Thanks

  17. RV Life with Ken and Jane

    Gold is where you find it. In our case anyway!!! Thank you

  18. RV Life with Ken and Jane

    We’re full time now. Lake front camp site. Lucky.
    Ethan Merman LoL. I am old enough to know who she is. I drank a lot too. Rock n roll bands for decades. Sober for 25 years. What a great character this guy is.
    What fun guitar and singing. We gold mine in the winter in Mohave desert. Gold claim camps draw interesting people too. Thank you. 👍🤠🚎

  19. fahad sayed

    Hi Good to see your videos thanks showing us Nome Alaska thanks showing wild life great respect for you your fan fahad from Saudi Arabia

  20. Terry Baughman

    Fantastic, thanks it was wonderful!

  21. Jay B.

    Great Video, love to visit Alaska, I would love to stay two summers and one winter. To get the total Alaskan experience.

  22. Julie H

    This is a fantastic video! Love the interviews. Really enjoyed it. Thanks.

  23. T and Z RV Life

    He could tell a story! Nice video.

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