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  1. JFK

    Dr. Mcnichols….abortion is safe….for the baby you murdered or yourself … crazy

  2. Lee Anne

    Viagra? So stupid!

  3. Lee Anne

    We cannot respect anyone who is pro-murder.

  4. Lee Anne

    Wow that was a racist comment saying wealthier women are not likely to be women of color?

  5. Lee Anne

    Babies are being murdered you idiots!!!

  6. Lee Anne

    A baby born alive! It’s complicated to say whether to let that child live?!!!

  7. Lee Anne

    They are murderers!

  8. Lee Anne

    Is Allie alone for prolife!

  9. Lee Anne

    Listen to this dripping evil, hateful woman.

  10. Lee Anne

    This doctor is a liar!!!

  11. Lee Anne

    Too bad they didn’t inspect Gosnell that well.

  12. Lee Anne

    Dr Mc Nickolas is a murderer!

  13. Lee Anne

    Mr. Clay is an evil person to push for this. The choice is for murder!

  14. Lee Anne

    Absolutely why I will continue to vote for Trump. We all can afford what we choose to purchase.

  15. freebird77

    These women are crazy, all except Allie Beth Stuckey.

  16. Marcus Williams

    "Pregnant people" AKA women.

  17. Jeff

    Why do Republicans insist on inviting conspiracists, podcasters, and other NON-experts to testify at hearings.
    They impede the work of the Sovereign People.
    What's the point of asking this podcaster what happens during an abortion? She, #obviously, has never had an abortion, performed an abortion, assisted with an abortion, or even worked remotely near a clinic where abortions are performed.
    Anyone with average literacy skills can read stuff online, having no ability to discern whether any of it is true, and — BAM! — you're qualified to be a GOP expert witness.

  18. julianne c

    mr connolly – made up science? science says HUMAN LIFE begins at conception. i don’t know how that’s made up.

  19. julianne c

    ms lawrence needs to go on social media and she’ll VERY quickly find a pro-abortion person

  20. julianne c

    ms. kelly after like a child goodness🤦🏽‍♀️

  21. julianne c

    God bless allie beth stuckey 🙏 and mr lynch…taking an oath to the constitution means protecting LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. but you won’t protect life? especially as a “christian?” you, sir, seem to be quite confused.

  22. Chandler Crawford

    So grateful for the straightforwardness of Allie Beth Stuckey. You don’t have to beat around the bush when all you are speaking is truth. I wish she could have stayed for the entire meeting. It was quite the echo chamber once she left. It’s rather unfortunate that they only brought in one pro-life advocate out of the 5 women present, especially considering two of them basically had the same “expertise.” I am thankful for representatives like Ms. Foxx who continued to speak up for the lives of the unborn.

  23. Michael Sena

    Woman: Why is life so difficult?
    Fetus: Don’t worry mom, I’ll take one for the team.

  24. Michael Sena

    Schultz is deeply deceptive.

  25. Research Both Sides Equally

    Everyone should watch "Unplanned". It answers everything!

  26. Faith First

    If there is ever another Panel like this, I would like to tell my story because I believe it would make a difference having been down that road several times. I am black and it should not matter, but I am absolutely hurt and disgusted to see so many black women supporting this seeing as though it impacts my ethnic group the most.

  27. Amy

    These proabortion women are lying so much. 🤯

  28. Amy

    Um no right in the Planned Parenthood website they state they do not perform mammograms. They will feel up your tits and if they find a lump they give you a referral.

  29. M

    02:04:00 I hardly think Viagra and Birth control are the same thing

  30. Analytical Chick

    When brutal murder is being called "healthcare."

  31. Rodger Taylor

    2:05 is congress woman Lawrence stating Viagra is the male equivalent of birth control. Really?

  32. Raelene Payne

    We see where u stand ms.maloney we see that u r for killing the most innocent of our human race

  33. PBPP

    28:00 start

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