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  1. TheMeanLiberal

    I thought I was Boss making a humanoid snowman. 🤯

  2. Angelo大安

    I just made a video about this place! It’s is awesome! Check it out on my channel!

  3. Siyuan Guo

    As a Heilongjiang kid grown up in Canada , I miss the spectacles very much. If you go there you could also try riding the “sleigh-bike” on ice

  4. Emelia Onichi

    Beautiful =)

  5. Yang Li

    Such beautiful ice buildings! But there are many people leave negativie comments here. You don't even do self-criticism about why your country couldn't do this within 15 days. You keep talking, and We keep walking.

  6. Koma- san

    "Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked"

  7. Kaze

    I'm pretty sure senior citizens will avoid this Ice City. It's magical though.

  8. Y perm

    I went there yesterday


    i love ice

  10. JodyLee

    This is Arendelle

  11. Maria Socorro


  12. Abc Xyz

    Cool, I mean cold, freezing. Looks nice but too too for my cup of tea.

  13. Kuroashi 07

    Meanwhile in the future:

    75% of the Philippines is China

    and few years later:

    Philippines-province of China

  14. Ezio Auditore

    Been there 3 times, and those 3 times i drank hot chocolate, cgtn should do a documentary

  15. Chi Wai Tran

    Don’t let it fly over your head… that it took 15 days to make this…

    The rest of the western world wishes they could get their workers out of bed.

  16. Will Yong

    Wow. Impressive

  17. Louise Southgate

    They use artificial snow? Dont they have enough of their own?

  18. CanadianNewYorker

    Awesome channel. Thank you to the guy who ranted about the Game of Thrones.

  19. Mason 美生

    Only 15 days to build that? It would take about 3 years plus delays if my city were to build something like that.

  20. Lowe Bennetie

    I kinda like China but i do not like their laws and their greediness

  21. David vs Goliath

    Wow… Very stunning!!!

  22. George Martinus

    I've been there 2 years ago. The perfect time to enjoy it is at evening, when dark comes down and colourful lights illuminate the ice buildings. But brace yourself, the freezing air is not for faint-hearted. Even though you are from sub trop countries, it doesn't mean the cold is bearable. But very worth it.

  23. Robin

    This keeps amazing me year by year. The daytime view is also very pretty. If only air quality wouldn't hinder me from going to see it for myself.

  24. Once & Army 4EVA

    I come here cuz pubg refrences
    Nah i dunno english so much

  25. Han Ng

    What happens when it melts? New lake/pond/swamp?

  26. Azhari Chaniago

    Can't wait to visit this CNY 😆

  27. aarongluzman

    🍻🌹🍻 שנה טובה 🌈 Felice Anno Nuovo 🍾 新年快樂


  28. davey Konijnenberg

    Happy New Year HongKong may peace and stability be soon upon you

  29. Shogo nl


  30. airamona


  31. Mo Ali

    Just in 15days aswell

  32. Carlson

    I’m curious on aspects of getting it work out. How do they get 10,000 workers?

  33. buddy man

    Frozen wonderland

  34. ThePwner620

    Let this not distract us from the situations with the Uighurs. Death the imperial dynasty

  35. I'm a pink potato hehe

    Elsa's ice palace WHO?

  36. Mushroom Mark

    Britain take note this is what hard work and building for the greater benefit of everyone can achieve.

    Well done China once again setting the pace for the rest of the world to try and keep up

  37. John Ej Palen

    Well now I like China! 🥰

  38. 人間

    now wait for climate change

  39. Ahmad Wazir

    The USA has to accept their new overlords.

  40. J M

    Built an entire city in just 15 days? and im over here in my livingroom struggling to make a fort outta pillows 😰

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