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  1. Neelam Verma

    Isko dekho

  2. Ichigo Kurosaki

    waiting for smart toilet

  3. Pine Forest

    If you are smart you will keep Alexa, Echo, and all the rest of it OUT OF YOUR HOME AND OUT OF YOUR LIFE. My God, people are such sheep.

  4. Jorge Almeida

    Something to attach a bracelet (of an watch or other thing) instead that “ring”

  5. Gabrielle Shull


  6. Tyler Casilio

    Why not wear the Loop on your ear?..

  7. GamingSlimeStudios

    Online shopping is not ok I don’t like online shopping because now other stores are now closing because of online shopping

  8. PINK

    What about an MP3 player?

  9. Alex Ale

    I never realized how ‘interesting’ Amazon was

  10. null pointer

    meh! still no Alexa enabled smart fleshlight.

  11. KWJJ

    I found her voice very difficult to listen to. Sorry!

  12. Gonso Games

    I'm more interested in what happens in the actual amazon forest, not a shitty company with a climate destroying Jeff Bezos into it

  13. Lazy Latte

    This happened when I was trying to play a song but it came out as a song called “Jacobs ladder”,it was a bunch of kids singing, “we are all climbing Jacobs ladder” I’m so confused then I asked her “give me a fact” then she said “all the kids taste better when they’re afraid”

  14. Jeff d

    I'm all for samuel L Jackson explicit…"what time is it" "its 530 muthafu#ka"

  15. MrBrickhouse


  16. @globeatin

    I don’t know if it’s her pacing or the music but it was almost impossible to follow this video. Had to rewind like 10 times

  17. moviemagic

    Those buds are gonna kill off the Aipods for me. I'm tired of Apple not adding noise canceling into the pods.

  18. pattae gray

    Alexa play despacito

  19. mcwolfus 1

    if a person needs anymore evidence that many humans are f..king idiots, look no further.

  20. victorsz

    there are just too many options, it's confusing for the costumer, they should sell only a few of those echos

  21. victorsz

    the echo studio is a straight up homepod copy 💀

  22. Zaph Enath

    that vocal fry is so freakin' annoying to listen to

  23. Βαγγέλης Κωστάκης


  24. Robert B

    My Alexa is going off like crazy watching this

  25. Da Fire King

    echo buds vs galaxy buds

  26. David Brown

    You should have put links to each device.

  27. AfricanUnion Students Council

    President Trump IMPEACHMENT -USA in Relation with God's Word.The End is Now.


    Impeachment: By meaning; the action of calling into question the integrity or validity of something. "the prosecutor's detailed impeachment of the character witness".

  28. RU Kidding

    Considering the potential to offer great products, it is painful to see Amazon announcing trinkets like "buds", "frames", "ring", "LED lamp" and other dorky "accomplishments", I would expect to see from companies in China. Their "product development" team is stuck in watching Dick Tracy reruns. Hello, 2020!

  29. Vijay Tolwani

    Please mare Awaaz logo tak phochaye

  30. oliver !!

    i think the echo flex is really cool because its only $25 so i can actually afford it lol, but it would look less cheap if it came in black or gray instead of white

  31. Jerry Romero

    This lady always ends her phrases in Alien voice. You’re welcome.

  32. Blank Stare

    echo buds looks like galaxy buds

  33. Ynah Abdurahman

    Why is she talking so slow

  34. zuleika mari

    Me: Alexa turn on the lights
    Samuel L Jackson: Which light m*therf*cker?!

  35. Interior Castle

    What about echo the mark of the beast, it will be on your right hand and your forehead LOL

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