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  1. Bernard

    Battlefield 4 story war in China anybody?

  2. The BumBum Inquisition

    Get this wumao off the T v

  3. Suna Syangtan

    HK is going to loose its freedom, Well played China Gov. A blind person can see what is going to happen to HK.

  4. Safouane Pieterse

    Lol, so much CCP propaganda in the comments. These people just want democracy and the mainland doesn't want that, they want authoritarian control. That man in the interview is heavily shilling for the CCP.

    This is not a mob.

  5. Kobi1976

    I already predicted there were sign of separatists terrorist when they protests against the extradition bill, knowing that their criminal activity in HK is in jeopardy of being exposed.

  6. milkybar06

    I think HK has become a very dangerous place to be and if foreigners like me feel its dangerous they will not come. HKs competitor Singapore must be loving this as people look to invest money in a stable country.

  7. Proletariat

    The people have a right to protest, and order does NOT need to be restored, that force the government uses is why people are protesting. People are terrified of this communist government, hence this not ending anytime soon. You live in fear of criticising the government and literally losing organs. There is NO justification for not allowing these important protests. The people have the right to fight their tyrranical government. AJazeera sit the fark down.

  8. San Arturo

    bring it on you stupid mainland Chinks! Hong Kong declares war on China. China's biggest fear was never Japan or the US. its their own people they should be afraid of.

  9. Peter Christopher Vertannes

    Einar Tangen has always been a Chinese Communist Party sympathiser and so it would not be wise to take heed of anything he says on these matters. He is beholden to Beijing for God knows what, and this interview like hundreds of others is yet another example of his skewed commentary. What gives it away in this particular interview is the fact that he points out that Beijing has showed restraint and that the protesters are a "mob" causing great harm and civil disobedience.

  10. Ming Yang

    Not surprise because the Evil Empire USA is the world biggest terrorist organization known to mankind.

  11. peter M

    Einar Tangen lies about the callings of the students:

    「光復香港( 的 兩 制 ),時代革命( 要 參 政 )」!["Recovering Hong Kong (the two systems), the era of revolution (to participate in politics)"!

    and misleads people about the way of Hong Kong people organize themselves, and call out the FIVE-DEMAND** in the open — Carries Lam doesn't need anyone to talk to, as long as she starts positively responding to them.

    Frankly speaking, Einar Tangen uses the same smeared-means of the CCP throughout. Therefore, he is incapable of comprehending the reality of Hong Kong situation, let alone of playing an effective role of adviser to the CCP.

    Furthermore, if CCP uses PLA to crush the FIVE-DEMAND** of Hong Kong people, it would then uproots the financial hub status of Hong Kong, and destroy its "Independent Customs Zone" — It would have a catastrophic effect on the Chinese financial and economic developmental position, globally.

    ** 撤惡法;非暴動;銷控罪;查警暴;真普選。[Withdrawal of "evil laws"; Non-riots labelling; Removal of criminal charges (of arrestors); Independently investigate the whole "criminal extradition amendment bill" affairs, including police violence; Universal suffrage.]

  12. MongolK1Ng L0G1C


  13. MongolK1Ng L0G1C


  14. Dalena

    Arrest them all

  15. Vladimir Vidanovic

    The U.S. Has Only Been At Peace For 21 Years Total Since Its Birth. This is just one more CIA operation, for democracy and world peace , FAKE NEWS SCARING PEOPLE WITH COMMUNISM

  16. marcos santosa

    No goverment that force its own people to obey can be good, and china is a comunist goverment proved to be antifreedoom, antidemocracy, and against humanity own progress..

  17. abdul khan

    Thanks to CIA and MOSSAD…..

  18. Howard C

    What an odd to meet so many stupid people around the world in the comment section. YouTube is amazing.

  19. Jackson Li

    Well, China told US(the leader behind this)to stay away. But they didn't

  20. tignesboy

    china sees disobedient people in need of sending to communist re-education camp. HK will never be chinese. the best communist is a dead one.

  21. 焦思汗

    China is a peace-loving country. If you think China is bad, please come to China to see what you are talking about, otherwise, please shut your dog's mouth!

  22. 焦思汗

    The United States is a bipolar country, only their own good, others rise to the United States feel uncomfortable. The United States is a mess, Mexico is a good example, too far from heaven, too close to the United States! Where there is unrest, there is America!

  23. maysm doe

    Tens of thousands of chinese solders on the border with hong kong ready to go in next few hours .

  24. david tan

    How do you know carrie lam is sincere in wanting to bring hk back to normal.. ?

    The only way to temporarily end protest is for carrie lam to make meaningful diagolue with protesters.. which until now she won’t.

  25. SG Temporary

    Whatever China does immediately, long term it will make re-education camps for HK residents…

  26. SG Temporary

    This is exactly the same that's happening in India, Greece, Saudi, Hungary, UK, USA…. It used to be that nation states got their power from representing the will of the people. Now states are based on the will of the market, using their people to make money go around. What a world we live in…

  27. Higher Intelligence

    Government is evil. China doens't understand what freedom is, they don't measure world in such things. It is not kind of state that will let to live people as they prefer and hongkongers are obviously are not like mainlanders already and can't live like them. And that chinese propagandist is bullshitting like a typical chinese zombie.

  28. Mark C

    What the heck, looks like a male Caucasian carrying a US flag in the midst of this sit-in. Americans stay out of this Chinese problems for goodness sake.

  29. Prince Jadon

    PLA should come in

  30. Patty and Buster Show

    The people of Hong Kong have been left high and dry

  31. r̸a̸g̸i̸n̸g̸h̸o̸m̸a̸r̸

    We all know whats gonna happen if the protesting doesn't stop soon…

  32. Mikhail Angel

    CPP just inventing a reason to recreate TIANNAMEN SQUARE INCIDENT

  33. slpip

    Tiananmen Square and Tibet demonstration will replay in Hong Kong when the China PLA garrison army move in Hong Kong.

  34. Lusade Devron

    But they support and fund terrorists in Pakistan.

  35. Reza Travilla

    Sign of terrorism? i don't see any AK47, M4 etc in this video

  36. Sam Norris

    This dude a CCP shill.

  37. Inquisitive Chimp

    It doesn't take a lot of intelligence to see that it's an american backed colour revolution.
    It's an american backed 'spring' – (like the arab "spring").
    It's indeed part of a broader negotiation strategy. A reminder to China to behave and do as it's told, as instability is easy to create even on it's mainland – or, especially on the mainland.

    Of course, China is no angel either. But it's the Americans messing with China's sphere of influence here – that's what makes the US the world's top dog, the world's bully.

    And as BRICS unite to take on the US's monopoly of power, I am sitting here thinking that as we have G20 meetings, perhaps we should have G175 meetings (meetings of the 175 weakest countries in the world). The only way small nations will ever manage to be left alone, is when they unite against the big bullies.

    A romantic thought from Greece – a state than knows a lot about being bullied.

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