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  1. flappy shy

    To all Uighur friends, don't be the new Kurds. Uncle Sam is having another blood crave.

  2. Fox Fiend

    Al Jazeera, please stop relying on the claims of the NY Times and other western media and instead do some footwork in Xinjiang to find out the facts of the issue. The issue is big enough to make getting a firsthand understanding of what's going on there worth it. There are two sides of the story but us viewers want to know the truth.

  3. Cedric Wai

    America is always using dirty tactics possible to contain China’s rising by supporting HK protesters and smearing the treatment of Uighurs in Xinjiang. How come America never said much about China led millions upon millions of its citizens out of poverty, while thousands of Americans are homeless and the treatment of indigenous Indians are so bad and neglected. America’s infrastructures are crumbling down across states compare to modern China. CCP is doing good for the country and the people, unliked America which only 1% oh extra rich getting richer while the majority are living pay check to pay check. Just looks after her own country and people first and stops meddling in other countries internal affairs, maybe then America is a better place.

  4. Boss Freedom

    Communist China harvests organs from it's political prisoners. This is not normal guys.

  5. Arif S

    All western countries want is to see China break apart into many small nations and every white man dream is to subjugate China soo that they can bully and humiliate Chinese people like their ancestor did 100 years ago during Opium Wars, it's as simple as that.

  6. LAU E.B.

    Halo Ms you should visit China and see for yourself and dont listen to all the reports done by others

  7. dam rider

    Did anyone catch the Chinese dude say about middle East? It's interesting China just said well isreal and USA do it to Palestinians why can't us?
    Injustice overlooked somewhere is permission for Injustice everywhere.

  8. Leon禾丰

    hey! Al Jazeera, why not talk about human rights of Saudi Arab, a close friend of America,maybe it is the model of human rights and demorcracy? say something about Saudi,come on!

  9. Tom Koller

    BSD China.

  10. joey smith

    Soon China will reeducate middle east, starting with Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.

  11. *Berberawy*


  12. David Isaac

    Wow,,, how much have you been paid to stop this guy from finishing his explanation to your question….

  13. ashok kanniyappan

    Atleast US got the balls to confront china on uighur … What about oic , Qatar, saudi, Pakistan, Malaysia ,etc…islamic governments are doing?… Spinless beings… Atleast Turkey condemned China on uighur

  14. Neo- Liberalist

    So why is US or the west not intervening when muslim countries is punishing lgbt and atheist? They hate china because they dont have the control that they want with it and not because of human rights and democracy

  15. Kris Wright

    Yes and Qatar is the beacon for human rights where proselytizing any religion other the Islam is punishible up to 10 years prison.. They are still practising slavery…

  16. US-Zionist Honey

    Nothing concrete, China is communism while US just lead the way of democratic countries.. So US only rule democratic countries.

  17. harry loo

    "primary human right is to live and eat" first

  18. Miko Wu

    Forehead guy just dimissed concentration camps as "not evil"? WAOEW

  19. Honest review^_^

    This only happens in China and North Korea

  20. ilaine tan

    Looks like AJ news are more likely to be a biased media too. And the host is saying genocide? How come? Isn't it US and its allies are doing it to minority middle east countries.

  21. obsidianstatue

    if your belief system is 7th century and involves chopping people up in a train station, then you lose all rights to protect such culture, it must be modernized. and if you're not willing to do it yourselves then allow the government to help.
    the US and the western world launched 2 wars this century to change this 7th century ideology, what China is doing is very mild in comparison.

  22. Najib Hersi

    Thank you USA and this old man he don’t even know what’s saying he’s just a*s hole

  23. Omar Al-Helew

    Barbed wire around vocational schools? Makes a lot of sense!

  24. muhammad khan

    China’s Kashmir

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