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  1. John Hill

    I am thrilled with the video and tremendously honoured to have my translation attract so much exposure. I am still preparing a large reference work on the Weilue, but I do have a very early (2004) rough draft freely available on the Silk Road Settle website which may help answer some of the queries raised here by correspondents at: https://depts.washington.edu/silkroad/texts/texts.html

  2. Dainichi Nyorai

    The description of the 'Romans' doesn't sound like the Romans, but another people. They cultivate bamboo and silk and originally emigrated from China?? The geographical information about the country is completely vague and could describe anywhere.

  3. Kristijan Ahčin

    Go back….asbestos cloth? Romans had asbestos cloth? Chinese did too.

  4. Mark Letts


  5. Ariston Sparta

    3:18 what exactly are these virtues he is speaking about?

  6. ARC the Clarinet Master

    I read the title and thought this was going to be some old stuffy Chinese man shit-talking the Romans and how wussy they were with their pathetic warfare.

    Needless to say, I clicked the video, and… well, this was rather interestigng.

  7. Desperado070

    Is shoesha a brother of shoeshi?!?

  8. Djc807 -

    I'm curious what he means by the longevity of Pengshiu? (I hope that's spelt correctly)

  9. Michael

    What did he have around his neck in place of a modern camera?

  10. Epic.

  11. Alex Miller

    Oh boy, asbestos cloth!

  12. Searing George

    We should get better at cloth… the Romans would be horrified at the clothes we wear today.

  13. Searing George

    Long live the Roman Empire!

  14. rftulak

    Interesting that there is no mention of the colosseums or amphitheaters or hippodromes which were very much a part of the Roman life in every city in the 2nd century, very curious.

  15. Éric Fortin

    Compilation of different Chinese writers, in particular Gan Ying and Yu Huan who lived more than a century appart. More :(Chinese Accounts of Rome, Byzantium and the Middle East, c. 91 B.C.E. – 1643 C.E.) . 1:12 After crossing the Nile, the three majors cities could also be translated as the three major subdivisions of Egypt (Delta, Heptanomis, Thebaïd). 3:23 "The king of this country always wanted to send envoys to the Han, but Anxi (the Parthians or Persians), wishing to control the trade in multi-coloured Chinese silks, blocked the route to prevent [the Romans] getting through [to China]." 6:11 Most certainly Sea Silk made from the byssus of Pen Shells (Pinna Nobilis).

  16. FifinatorKlon

    The Chinese were insufferable back then already with their changing of names it seems.

  17. /R/The_Donald

    China tells its citizens that japan surrendered to China. Not USA. China is living in the movie 1984 right now. Never believe anything they say.

  18. Daniel Natal

    Interesting that he says that Romans had silkworms. I knew that they acquired silk from the Silk Road. But I assumed that they didn't discover the secret of silk (i.e., silkworms) until centuries later.

  19. Dodec84


  20. dijo dim

    I thought I'll get to hear Da Qin was ruled by KANGZ and shieeet

  21. Bunny

    He had a thing about counting things, didn't he?

  22. clako clakson

    Is he talking about minecraft?

  23. ondank

    9:00 asbestos cloth … Bro that is a really bad idea

  24. Mechanized Satyr

    The three celestial bodies?

  25. Michael Keane

    I enjoyed the travellers prose, especially the closing statement.

  26. Darrel Zero

    Yu Huan Playlist PLEASE!

  27. Mason G.

    Rome had plenty of dragon's blood.

  28. Steve Miller

    Thank you for this, I really enjoyed it 👍🏽

  29. Tacitus

    I'm fairly certain that Democrats watch this wondering how many elections they have to win to do that again.

  30. doublewhisk

    I'm very confused. There are no thieves but there are fierce tigers and lions? Rome made silk? Since when?

  31. Corey Falls

    sounds like modern society. revived roman empire.

  32. vivthefree

    Hi guys. I'm a weirdo, obsessed with a war-of-cultures ideology and a biased, detail-shy view of history. Any chance I could leave a few provocative ideas I just pulled out of my ass?

  33. Hegelian Dialectic


  34. Kurt Holtzer

    I'd love to watch a movie just about this man travelling to and exploring the Roman Empire. I realize he didnt actually go there but I think it would make for a fun movie

  35. D Stig


  36. Chapien

    The funny thing is, this would be during the Crisis of the Third Century. So like, the empire was super dangerous.

  37. Hansen Ding

    I like to imagine this video was made as an investment opportunity presentation by some Chinese merchant running a ponzi scheme on the rich gentry

  38. LaCarusiella

    Rome can definitely be called Da Qin (the other China) today!!!

  39. zebezach

    11:36 This whole closing segment (with the accompanying music) gives me goosebumps.

  40. robert rowe

    I find it intriguing how much the Chinese historian describes the Roman cloths and textiles. It must be that since Ancient China was well known to also produce fine qualities of cloth, that the Chinese historian was attempting to describe the quality and quantity of the Roman cloth as a way of comparing it to Ancient Chinese cloth.

    (feel free to correct me if I am wrong on this matter. This is just what I have observed from listening to this fascinating historical account)

  41. Awesome Wells

    Water sheep? lol

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