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  1. Stars’n’Moon

    Wow great half ass journalism…..
    "Fact-checking" from a 30 second clip than the abundant interviews which are well over an hour long explaining his M4A in detail. (Spoiler alert hes M4A)

  2. Hunter Johnson

    "I applaud the spirit" means that Bernie's proposal to America is unrealistic. If you think Bernie would get rid of private insurance immediately–you are wrong. If you think everyone will be covered with Medicare benefits–you are wrong. Andrew came out with saying "We will eventually move to a single-payer system over time".

    You guys are misled. Bernie has said: "Private insurers will still exist to cover procedures that the government does not." He also says that 65+ will receive dental, vision, hearing aids and it will progressively decrease in 10 year increments to 55, 45, 35…over time." Yang is too honest I guess, because Bernie had to be pressed in an interview to admit that private insurance wasn't going away. I respect the man, but he's selling disinformation to the public if the general public opinion is that his single-payer plan is going to spring into action instantly.

  3. El Michoacáno

    This show is a joke! How the fuck will you just magically get rid of peoples private insurance ? You leftist SJW fucks are morons ! This is AMERICA having an option to choose is always a good thing dumbasses!

  4. Rob Domos

    Yang is NOT a public option guy. He's FULLY a medicare for all guy.
    Here's Yang's plan.
    1) Absolutely everyone is covered. You do not have to buy in. Medicare is covered by taxes and everyone gets it.
    2) Like every other nation with universal healthcare, you can get gold-plated healthcare on top of that if you want privately. This is what EVERY SINGLE UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE NATION DOES.

    Yang want's to implement was has succeeded in every other nation here. That's the end of the story. What Sanders is describing about making gold plated extra insurance illegal is NOT what happens in the UK or Australia, or Germany or any other developed nation. Y'all are totally losing it with these soundbites taken so far out of context that it says the opposite of Yang's intention and Yang's plan.

  5. jenelyn reed

    There is a lot of misinformation about Yang reported all over the place. They are really trying to suppress him every way they can. What’s annoying is this “purity test” being imposed upon him by other. People will see what they want to see. It’s been obvious with the media blackout of Yang he has never been given a fair chance.

    About M4A:

    It makes sense to implement M4A overtime as a phased roll out as Yang wants to do. You can support M4A and still have private insurance as an alternative and or supplement. As it stands today Medicare is supplemented by private insurance for things not covered under Medicare.

    Canada and almost all other countries that offer universal healthcare still have private insurance in existence as well as a supplement.

    Under Bernie’s implementation of M4A
    What would the thousands who work in the medical, insurance industries do once they are out of a job? Go apply at a subpar government run job agency to work for a crappy $15/hr job? It’s too disruptive. There are a lot of implentation issues and obstruction I see coming down the line. Look what the Republicans did to Obama’s ACA that was a tiny step towards single payer and they’ve tried every which way to obliterate it. A mess for years.

    Yang sees the implementation problems and knows you have to phase this all in over time. You cannot obliterate the private insurance all at once. There is a lane for private insurance even as it exists today for Medicare as a supplement. Also not everyone wants their jobs and their health care run by the government.

  6. Tusar Koirala

    You cannot say “No more private insurance from today” all of sudden

  7. Alexius Aerondale

    Useless video. Just gossips. Boring.

  8. dire wolf

    You guys seriously need to do your research and stop spreading fake news about yang

  9. Michael Kensington

    If you need healthcare Yang has M4A! If you don't need it you can stick with your private healthcare. Stop spreading lies.

  10. soon mong

    I think by now, everybody should know that Yang also thinks about implementation issues as well. Not just coming out with policies, he thinks how best to implement them without creating any hardship and being disruptive. Immediately getting rid of private insurance companies would affect thousand of workers in the industry and also time is needed to transition into medi care for all. I am not an American, but if Americans dont listen carefully and choose him to be the next President, America and the rest of the world may be in deeper trouble.

  11. abonfilio

    Is this really going to be the wedge issue for progressives and liberals, how quickly or how imposingly we implement universal socialized medicine’?

  12. Rob Domos

    There is a HUGE difference between "We will provide medicare to every american" and "we will outlaw private insurance". Almost no modern first world nation has outlawed private insurance. Yang IS for medicare for all. EVERY SINGLE PERSON would receive Medicare under Yang. Sanders is just saying "if you want even more than free medicare, you're screwed because we wont let you".

  13. Andre Gordon

    Big policy changes do not need to be slow walked if their effective and well thought out. And frankly, for some bigger changes, we really can't slow walk them. The Green New Deal, Medicare for All, these are great examples

    Important context: Most of FDR's New Deal, which its effects we are STILL feeling, he implemented in 3 fucking years

  14. jeff7775

    Yang could rightfully declare: “I could shoot someone on 5th ave and the Yanggang would still love me.”

  15. Achinth Murali

    Sam, love your show, and I love Yang. Invite Yang on your show so he can explain his position without any misunderstanding. I’m sure he’d love to be there.

  16. Naim Pehlivan

    The UK has universal health coverage and still has private insurance. I don't understand what people who oppose an opt in precursor to truly universal healthcare expect to happen if people have a choice? And when government chooses your healthcare for you, be rest assured someone will complain that something not being covered.

  17. A Dude

    So Andrew Yang has things that the left loves and hates, he also has things the right loves and hates…maybe, just maybe that is what this country needs? Call me crazy, but someone who isn't going to be slave to ideology sounds like a good way to cool things down. He has my vote.

  18. Ivan Villa

    Just interview the damn guy already! You guys clearly don't have a good grasp of anything he stands for.

  19. Harry Hall

    Anyone whose starting point isn't "We need to fight the powerful and incredibly wealthy people who want to keep on profiting from the sickness and financial ruin of working people" doesn't have what it takes to achieve universal health care coverage. It takes a fight. If that isn't your starting point, forget it, you're not for real, just like Obama wasn't for real on the public option.

  20. Adam A.

    This is how many Bernie Bros are mad because Yang is stealing the most supporters from Bernie’s camp


  21. wesley kawakami

    Why do you have to get rid of private insurance to have Medicare for all? Isn't it the same as private and public schools? You can have the tax funded public option or choose to pay for something else. Seems to me that this is a more pragmatic approach and gives people a choice.

  22. Spring

    Bernie is nice unless you want to keep your money

  23. VueTube

    tell me what candidate offers me something better than AY's and I'll reconsider…but as of now…AY all the way!!!!!

  24. Tyler Haknuman

    He like to give people’s choice I think that’s pretty about his campaign. I don’t see what’s bad about that.

  25. Adam Risch

    Yang on his website: "As President, I will work with Congress to create a Medicare for All system to provide healthcare to all Americans."
    Yang in interviews: "I do think that outlawing private insurance uh, in a very short period of time, is a bit too disruptive, and I would not do it."

    Just curious Yang Gangers, are you really so naive as to think this is the only thing Yang is lying about?

    The #1 thing voters should be concerned about when deciding who to vote for is, can I actually believe what this person is saying? Can I trust them to fight for the things they say they are going to do, or are they just telling me what they think I want to hear to get my vote? (hint: most of the time it's the latter)

    When a wealthy businessman with zero record of public service (hmmm….that sounds familiar) decides to run for president and starts talking out of both sides of his mouth, casually associating himself with popular proposals like Medicare For All and The Green New Deal while at the same time saying when questioned, well you know, I'm for the spirit of these things but I wouldn't actually, you know, implement them…….what more do you need to hear to realize this is just another phony politician?

  26. silys

    Banning private health insurance kills more than 900 companies. What will employees do? Germany has 100 coverage and they still habe private health insurance. Stop that ideology war

  27. nepal_gamer99

    Lol. Banning private health insurance won't give automatic m4a.

  28. KamasamaK

    "Maybe that was on his website for a while"
    It's still in the second position at the top. If you want the details, just click it.

  29. AG

    Yangtards are triggered because their sellout candidate pivoted

  30. redvenomweb

    Yang is a crypto-libertarian who wants to use UBI to drown safety net programs in the bathtub, but he is right on the elimination of private insurance. Private insurance is not outlawed in any of the European countries that have robust universal healthcare programs. Don't let the project of destroying the health insurance industry distract us from the real goal of universal healthcare that is free at the point of service.

  31. PrimaImperator

    Medicare for All is a deluded pipe dream. Andrew Yang is proposing a practical solution that would actually improve Americans’ healthcare.

  32. MUYFA East bay

    Yang gangers are real fucking serious about that guy
    Always telling people to read his book like it’s the Bible
    Comparing him to MLK

  33. rob del

    Andrew Yang wants Medicare for all who want free Medicare and let others pay if they want, don’t fall for anybody’s word but Andrew.

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