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  1. K S

    There’s only ONE candidate who can transform this nation and that candidate is Bernie Sanders.


  2. Night Life

    He still the best candidate running. Yang2020!

  3. GPTDavid

    I thought Yang was a cool dude with honest objectives.
    Not anymore… seriously this breaks my heart, i did like him…. not anymore.

    Bernie 2020

  4. Luis Alberto Nina

    Come Yang! Stop with the BS. Only Bernie is M4A. Nobody else…

  5. Jcewazhere

    I support the spirit of UBI, not Yang's twisted version of it.

  6. Brenda G

    Yang keeps disappointing me, he has also embraced a Super PAC, it's called MathPAC. Doesn't that tell you he is not who you think he is?

  7. Stephen Green

    I’m a Bernie guy but I was following and liking Yang a lot as someone with an alternative perspective. This M4A wish washy stance makes me question his sincerity (one of his best qualities) and makes him feel more like a regular “say what you have to” politician to get elected. Authenticity is the political super power that Bernie has, and I thought Yang did too.

  8. Vito Adame

    Apparently, not getting rid of 2 million jobs in the healthcare industry means that he doesn't want universal healthcare. Bereners logic.

  9. can I get an amen ?

    I support the spirit of Andrew Yang !!!! Bernie 2020

  10. LookHereLookListen

    Dude. raising wages is not a good thing.

  11. Hailey Collins

    Medicare for all with the option of private insurance #YangGang

  12. Fauxindigo

    Yang supports healthcare for all- He's not lying about that! You're hung up on semantics when Yang is talking BIG picture. You're a joke if you don't think he is for serious change. UBI would have a huge effect on healthcare (people would live and be healthier), climate change (potentially, every day people would be able to contribute to fighting climate change) and raising wages??? UBI would help every American across the board financially- including those who can't work, aren't paid for the work they do or are otherwise downtrodden.
    Biden & Sanders have been in the game WAY longer than Yang so they simply have more name recognition- not stronger ideas. And they are both a thousand times more establishment than Yang.

  13. Fknmando !

    Lol idk why you guys thought he was for the same medicare for all as bernie.

    Hes been saying from the beginning it's not the same but he wants to work towards that direction and hes not getting rid of private insurance. Simple.

  14. Robert Light

    Yang, BUSTED!

  15. Anticapitalist X

    Andrew Yang's $1,000 a month barely covers a month's rent—that is not universal basic income. Moreover, Andrew Yang's "Medicare for All" is shit.

  16. Anticapitalist X

    Andrew Yang is not progressive enough. Bernie Sanders is the only person who will fight for the working class.

  17. Chad M. Weisman

    Yang’s plan is to implement cost controlling measures as a way of more effectively negotiating the costs that we will pay under the Medicare for all system that we will eventually adopt.

  18. blaxican hearts

    Pharmaceutical company got ahold of him and cut the check.. That's what happened! Fraud!

  19. Raechel Jackson-Ward

    His plan is "…based on Medicare, and expanding it over time to more and more Americans. You lower the eligibility age, and then you make it widely accessible." Who's "you?" And is the Spirit of Medicare for all like the Spirit of Christmas Yet-to-come that shows us the worst possible outcome unless we change our course?

  20. Christopher

    Yang scares me. He has good ideas, he has bad ideas. We can do better this time. We must do better this time.

  21. Angela Tester

    Supporting the spirit is supporting the spirit. With the knowledge of someone who understands the tech revolution, automation and AI. The world is changing. Fast. Name calling doesn't make things any truer.

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