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  1. Go Fudge YourSelves

    I have been Android Developer for almost 2 years now but don't know what's the use of NDK, never really used or know how to use it of for what it is useful for??

  2. Urmil Shroff

    I finally recognized you🧐

  3. NoamKoKo

    Will that Bazel thing replace Gradle?

  4. master nageb

    Can i ask unrelated question?
    is there any Event or hackathon that i can Join in Web Design and Development + UX Design ?

  5. Daniel Monteiro

    NDK finally gets the love it deserves

  6. Matthew Woods

    i live for this stuff



  8. TheDude

    Bazel 1.0! Who else is excited?

  9. Pierre Boulianne

    well Google Cloud

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