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  1. Caleb Santos

    The cloud glasses rule …..LOL

  2. lewis Walden

    Poke has a mindcraft channel though

  3. Sana Waqas

    Wow this is so epic! I have watched this like more than 20 times

  4. Jaione Saki


  5. Majhail Williams


  6. BlueChicco22

    Who is better
    Poke=Sub to me
    There all bad=Do nothing

  7. Jaden Riley Sta. M. VALMONTE

    i like poke

  8. Sams Cool Life

    2019 anyone?

  9. Gerby Moraga

    1:28 uh.

  10. Punjabilibraryonline Videos

    Zack your paragraph really blew….thats the reason your my favorite youtuber

  11. Eggs Gal

    That Was Lit😎😎😎😎😎

  12. Wosshika Navaratnam

    I love this song 😂

  13. Gabriel Torres

    Poke roks

  14. CuteFox Time

    😱! You did it on mah b'day! ☺

  15. Pouono Fale

    I was swetting cause pokes diss track was fire and then a Valcano
    👇if you watching this in 2019

  16. dubzbxn

    These were straight barssss

  17. Rose Autor


  18. Humzah Khondkar

    Dont be a gold digger be a pokediger!

  19. Juste un fan De hour vert

    This should be in Spotify

  20. Summer Renee

    DANGGGGGG 2019

  21. Starfall

    1:29 charlie in the back

  22. newf

    i hate you

  23. Desirae Hall

    They can rap GREAT 😎

  24. My Dark Gacha crew

    I don’t like … cause I …..LOVE IT ITS AMAZING BEST DISSTRACK Zach I love your line on fire 🔥

  25. The Fabulous Yani

    I love this channel and I love this song

  26. Tiffany Vu

    I know Preston

  27. 8senor origins


  28. remember u guys whem.u live toghether miss you… :c

  29. Viviana Chijate

    Awesome song I love hearing it over and over again I never get tired of hearing it

  30. Anonymous

    bruh pokes part is so fire

  31. drchachar

    Wow poke

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