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  1. will

    Apple did the right thing!

  2. iqminiclip

    Going out of its way for 1/5 of the world's population that are going to reach middle class in the next 2 decades sounds smart!

  3. J R

    Where are Apple's iPhones made? Which is why Apple should bring those jobs to America

  4. DXD 2018

    Uriel Salas yes… with some billions of fake RMB from Bank of China: CCP & Chinese Hauwei are in bankrupt… but nobody want to talk about that! tall Bldg everywhere, Bentley, Benz, BMW… but any WC (We Copy, We Corrupt, World China) is not robust business model at all, even in AI & Military Technology ( fighters copied with help from IAI Israeli Aerospace Industry, was not able to take off without both Sukhoi SU-30 old turbo-engines, becauze Russians are not dum enough, to offer this kind of gifts to Hans yellows invaders from Beijing)! So all China look strong, modern, but so weak inside like eggs or paper tiger! Wait en See, 1989 USSR collapsing as a unbelivable surprise.

  5. dragoaus

    Personally I am completely ok that companies do business in China. But then they should finally stop with virtue signaling in USA and rest of the world.

  6. Jim Kun

    When the freedom of speech touches the bottom line in US, American defends the bottom line. When the freedom of speech touches bottom line in other countries, American defends freedom! Typical western hypocrisy and DOUBLE STANDARDS !

  7. Semper Fortis

    companies and corporations shouldn't compromise principles for profits.
    Its bad enough China steals the financial futures of every country through intellectual property theft… now they want to censor other countries.
    F*** them. F*** them right in the A. And any company that bends a knee to a foreign power… f*** them too.
    The world doesn't need China, its the other way around; and its about time they obeyed international laws as well.

  8. Jack Tan


    That's why more countries are signing up to China's belt and road initiative. US is trying to use its media but will fail as usual like the trade talks with CHINA LMAOOO

  9. K J

    Tim Cook…Pew Research ranks China as the worst place to be homosexual. But you still kiss Xi's ass…or maybe that's what you enjoy?

  10. Crazy Ant

    The public opinion is turning against China/CCP. People are starting to wake up and starting to see the ugly side of the CCP. Wait until corporate America and Wall Street start to stand up against China….watch out

  11. Pup Pup Man

    china probably pays for these Trump bashing hacks to operate.

  12. EX DUECE

    Because it has 0 innovation power now

  13. Dawei Sun

    Those rioters are attacking police. It is right to take down the app. We should support law enforcement officers.

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