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  1. Pitica Robert

    drink a caffe and lisen this music is a nice start of a new day

  2. Katherine Mae

    i'm lovin the orange poncho!

  3. Alex Lackey

    power ranger UNITE!

  4. lola11consta

    i m just sitting watchin this and i m keep wonderin y!

  5. Konrad Harla

    wow no talent

  6. Mary Buchanan

    OMg i love this video! the music's pretty awesome, but when i see this, and how much fun they must've had making it, it just makes everything all the better! <3

  7. Mary Buchanan

    @MrGetalife23 AHAHAHAHAHA id it really? i sort of like 'ID'

  8. Evren Erisher

    crazy video 🙂

  9. Charlie Brown


  10. ghaliboy

    Man this is not my style of music. I dispise it.

    But the hey ya ya harmony is the fruity shit that is catchy to me :*( well played: )

  11. youfailme2116

    i dont liek the fat girl

  12. Kristina Sinkevič

    just love this music 🙂

  13. Ricardo babachinas

    come to brazil aih pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  14. immy hush

    hey ya hey ya heyayayayaa

    so fun

  15. anarhy09

    Freaks flock together! xD Can i join? 😀

  16. Terrawah

    It is also green.

  17. Hazbiniznow89


  18. Hazbiniznow89

    this song smells like milk

  19. thelocofocos

    this video and song
    are completely awesome

  20. cjm

    any band with kelli sutherland in it is FINE BY ME 🙂

  21. Ytsen

    wtf:P wat een gestoorde lui! =D

  22. Joanzta

    saw them in concert yesterday @ FSU en Tallahasse, Fl. who wouldé imagine! pretty cool

  23. theseboetz

    great song, although I liked the old band constitution better.

  24. Kelsey

    AAAAAH! <3 En ze waren geweldig live op pukkelpop 😀

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