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  1. Feeling FeNi

    If plants dont benefit animals, then how do the animals benefit us????? If were talking about humans, the data reveals that we ate fruirs and veg. for thousands of years by our teath and cows obviously eat grass and so says there teath.
    Personaly i believe in balance. Eat meat and veg. and skip all the refined carbs.

  2. MaleMan TV

    Paul crushes. The fact that this information is free is unbelievable.

  3. Karlene Wilson aging well in the real world

    Balance balance balance! sorry but i call BS, there are studies out there to support any and all arguments ! if longevity is the goal this would never be the path that you should take as much as I appreciate and respect the MD title isn't it doctors who got us into this mess in the first place ??? We are not hunter gatherers any more and all meet available can be argued is no way as pure as what was around centuries ago, we are domesticated wifi driven individuals. Stay away from processed foods lean towards an animal/ fat based diet but live a little.

    Emotionally, if once in a while you want to have ice cream or pizza or chips knock your self out and have it! I just celebrated a birthday and friends of mine bought me a beautiful chocolate cake I cut myself a big slice enjoyed it with my friends loved every bite and the love that surrounded it. last but no least eat your veggies I'm 5ft 8in 120 lbs i eat lots of veggies !

  4. Christopher Rhodes

    I think this is great info but…What about the fact that animals eat plants and we are what we eat ate right? So could it be possible that the benefits and nutrients from meat be because they ate plants?

  5. jason buffington

    just idiotic, how can anyone listen to this??

  6. Med Ali

    Thank you both ❤️
    Check this channel where the owner cooked her lamb nose to tale the Morrocan way for the festivities of #EidAdha I hope you like it 🌹

  7. Ruben Antonio Perez Loera

    Great Job Mike!
    Thank you for the intelligent contents.
    Ruben from Mexico, living in Italy.

  8. Mike Lisanke

    wonder what Paul guest thinks about hormesis? it's been shown for example that animals expose to limited, but more than background, radiation have longer life span

  9. Luke AC

    One question: If our ancestors were so healthy why did they die so much younger than what we do now?

  10. plantagenant

    Come over to England…we still eat Steak and Kidney pie….

  11. Vaughn Malecki

    Great video. I just saw this and thought of you. https://www.facebook.com/CondutaHardcore/videos/485930385548472/

  12. ok ok

    I watched maasai tribe interwiew oldest people live 110yo healthy

    Health | The Secret to Leanness and Longevity

  13. M Yappy

    It's refreshing to hear alternative ideas that force me to keep an open mind and keep experimenting Thanks Mike.

  14. dharmapunk777

    Why was the question of berries and fruits just brushed off? You guys talked for an hour and a half where Saladino repeated himself on multiple points and he couldn't take a minute to answer this? I live in the PNW and there are blackberries everywhere! Huge delicious, better than candy blackberries. The birds have spread them far and wide. A walk in the woods at the right time of year and you will find salal, wild blueberries, salmonberry, oregon grape, and on. It isn't a scarcity at all. Quite abundant actually.
    Berries and fruits have made themselves appealing in taste and appearance because they can spread their seeds in poop. Animals benefits from it because they convert the extra glucose into a little extra fat to carry over through the winter. Win win.
    Also, dogs and wolves probably other "carnivores" eat grass in the wild. One theory was that it helped supplement their diet. But another is that the fibers catch and trap parasites so they can be excreted.

  15. dharmapunk777

    Thanks for the time stamps! I was thinking that would be incredibly useful in long format and boom, right there in the description.

  16. emmas816

    If you look on longest living people they eat plants, grain and beans, and the shortest living people in Russia Siberia eat mostly meat and their lifespan is 50 years. The biggest damage to the body is not from vegetables you eat, but by viruses and bad bacteria when immune is weakened, and also by accumulated iron in the body (ferritin) has to be ideally 50-70, but most men have it over 100.

  17. Anne Brady

    evolution is too speculative to be of any importance

  18. Osiris Wills

    Personally I believe that humans that are primarily of European descent are more biologically wired to eat more animal protein. I believe that humans that are primarily of African descent are more biologically wired to eat more plant protein.

    This mainly comes from what I observe from different groups of people around me. White people do better in their diet when they include more animal protein… and vice versa for black people. As ones body thrives more in acidic conditions the other thrives more in alkaline conditions.

    One is magnetic and one is electric. Like a Polar Bear and Gorilla! I don't like the term black and white but this is the only way I know how to identify a group of people with genetic differences.

    By the way interesting topic and great video!

  19. Stratos Misirlis

    Our DNA should determine what foods we should eat more of. Diet use to be determined by geography and availability of food, today technology convenience and abundance has confused the hell out of us. But a balanced diet may not be practical for Health if your ancestors primarily ate animal products. But we are definitely omnivorous with a preference for animal products. I know what my ancestors ate I've interviewed two generations of people from the Mediterranean region and it is definitely animal based and fits my DNA profile. My diet is almost all animal based and 80 percent raw meat based and it's been almost two years for me and nothing can convince me that the human diet should be mainly animal based, all my veg/ vegan friends are suffering and the only ones that are not hail from the geographic areas where their ancestors ate more veg such as the Indian sub continent.

  20. Frequently Cynical

    There are enough people who have eaten nothing but muscle meats for decades to know that one does not need to eat nose to tail. When hunter-gatherers had plenty of kill, they did NOT eat everything. They went for the fattiest parts, while varies by animal. Always the liver, which is fatty, too. Brains. It's when we domesticated and killed animals that we starting eating nose, etc. Make sausage, scrapple, blood sausage.

  21. Philip Hewitt II

    So not to drop in a religious bent, but for those who study stories of religions, recall that after Noah and family found dry land and unloaded the ark, God gave him permission to eat the animals, which suggest that he was a vegetarian. Then Dr Saladino said there are hypothesis that early humans evolved into eating animals from plants! Mind blowing. I am with Feeling FeNi in that we can eat both and we must strike a balance. The question is what is "balanced" in terms of meat vs plant. Given our small cecum and the bad side effects of even moderate plant consumption, I would have say the balance is probably 80% meat / 20% plant.

  22. katsavidiz

    Another great interview, thanks!

  23. John's Law

    So are vegetables bad for you ?

  24. cheddarpuff

    Can you talk about dairy and carnivore and different types of dairy (cow, goat, sheep) one of these days! I feel like that subject is always missing or just skimmed over. Thanks!

  25. Alberto Uribe

    Thank you

  26. adamintheworld

    Just the way this guy speaks makes me think he’s onto something.

  27. Adriana Rivera

    BEST EVER <3 <3 <3

  28. al bundy

    This video is wild speculation and conjecture, all these references to the past is just that, references to the past. The primary thing wrong with this is, YOU WERE NOT THERE. Take a look at a Silver Back Gorilla, that bad boy looks sickly, unhealthy, weak, malnourished and emaciated and they are gasp………..Vegetarians.

  29. Lynne Cobb

    Is that upper limit of protein at 1g per pound body weight the same for older women or do you need more protein after the age of about 65?

  30. DyceFreak

    I'm going to admit that meat digest much more cleanly than plants. However, Paul completely ignores the existence of fungi in this video (not plants). I get that he's biased but this leaves out a huge chunk of possibly useful info.

  31. Lynne Cobb

    If I can't stand the taste and texture of liver, how much of the dessicated liver capsules should I take.

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