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  1. Thomas Sanders

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  2. Victor Venegas

    Doing art and or crafts helps me b/c it let’s my mind and hands focus on something else and let’s me put my frustrations and or bad thoughts into something creative

  3. Atsei

    Am I the only one who doesn't understand the "Thomas, I didn't know you were in this movie" joke?

  4. Wiktoria Juszczak

    I love how you can explain anxiety using Virgil. Like, people ask me how can I concentrate while listening to heavy music. The answer is that if I don’t, I’m starting to overthink everything. So basicly it’s like „here you go Virgil, some Gojira CDs” and Virgil is like „oh hell yeah” and I can finally function.

  5. Just Load Already

    I’ve learned a new coping mechanism today, thank you

  6. Yura lozano

    I was like dam creative much Roman??

  7. The Forbidden Apple

    This was adorable! I loved every second of it. The story was fantastic and the random popping up of Remus just made it even better. Good job and can't wait to see more!

  8. Lauren Gallagher

    Remus popped up and I yelled "trash rat!" and now everyone on the school bus is stating at me in concern

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