Are you a class clown? A simple clown costume guide

Although many teachers may be troubled by the work of class clowns, their contribution determines the success of the teacher's curriculum. When 80% of the students [sitting behind the front row] slowly closed their eyes and drifted into the world of dreams, the fanatical class clowns found a chance to work. The Save Teacher Calculus course does not enter the path leading to extinction, and class clowns provide the thrills of thrilling and exciting classes.

By publishing appropriate comments, flying paper planes, and clowns squatting, the class clowns experimented with different techniques to entertain the dying class. More experienced clowns will use creative methods, such as opening music and television equipment via a remote control. Others may choose a small hole punch that disperses the supply of one year's residue or a large rubber band around the room. If you are lucky, you may remember to know a clown who has a docking technique, such as throwing a ball.

If you are not sure what this Halloween is, consider the advantages of being a class clown.

Not only do you have the opportunity to be remembered as the most interesting person on campus in the yearbook, but every graduate will thank you. In addition, you will be familiar with the skills needed to restore the most monotonous future efforts, including business meetings. So if your high school age lags behind you, then live a clown life you have never had before.

It is easy to assemble clothing. First pull out the old high school suitcase hidden somewhere behind the closet. Your favorite pair of warning jeans and sneakers, you like to throw things too, now will come in handy. Go to a local mall kiosk or print shopping to find a humorous T-shirt. The more slogans or pictures that insult the front, the better.

In addition to making sure your clothes sit comfortably in the classroom chair, make sure it has enough pockets to hold your prank accessories. Carrying a backpack will benefit larger items, such as a wow pad, but with a trouser pocket, you can greatly reduce the time it takes to access your vandal weapon.

Often overlooked is the fact that the class clown's hair is an important part of the character. To pay tribute to the most notorious class clown, you will want to wear the style of Zach Morris.

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