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  1. CG5

    BUY "See Dem Aliens" NOW! Links below!

    iTunes ▶ https://apple.co/2SkuI7D

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  2. wolfie _playsroblox

    Somebody that is storming area 51: is that a Alien
    Everyone: runs away for their lifes ant screaming

  3. J A


  4. J A

    Is he a Ailen 2:21

  5. Osito Lokito :v

    Dame tu Cosita 3

  6. tu papi la papa

    every one raids area 51
    me and the boys raiding the scp fundation 🙂

  7. AdventPlayzRoblox

    2:24 oh there goes jerry

  8. Dammu Fakku

    2010-2015: Ayy Lmao

    2019: Free Dem Aliens

  9. Zaid zamani

    The 3 milion people want to raid area 51 was just a joke i'm sirius

  10. oscozo 9853

    Everybody gangsta till the aliens fortnite default dance

  11. Braedan Thompson

    When Jerry died. I felt that.

  12. Martin B.

    They are raiding on my birthday

  13. PlugPlayz YT

    Bust insides
    Alien: F O R T N I T E
    everbody: turns back slowy

  14. Noah’s Mind

    Is it just me or did someone pick up that ‘march’ was capitalised despite not being the month?

  15. Oak Insprings

    I'm so glad I born in the right time.

  16. Azlen Garcia

    Dank epic gamer

  17. Alex The Totally Original

    what happened to the rock throwers when the raid started?

  18. FunKodex

    Good thing, that we ran out of shooting range targets.

  19. lazysans157

    loads LMG with religious intent

  20. Spirited Gamer AJ

    This is how many people will raid area 51

  21. EpicMarioFan101

    Make sure to place your beds near Area 51 to respawn

  22. ItzAble

    let see `em aliens!

  23. Wisketrabbits Plush official

    I like the ending part where he said they were dying because the ones who are going will in fact die because there so cocky there brain is non-existent

  24. Xxhelp me im dyingxX

    (The epileptic kids)

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