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  1. CouRage

    Drop a like on the video if you CAN’T BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED!

  2. Tessa Welling

    lol ariana is mikeys

  3. Javk Lordey

    Courage actually made me like this song

  4. Amii

    100% real

  5. Shredanator129

    I watched this video so many times its too funny I love watching courage

  6. Leonie

    Very good😂😍

  7. Raheem Vlogs

    Who wants Ariana Grande to react to this 🙋‍♂️

  8. xIqo ,


  9. Cathal Hession

    This is so stupid

  10. KIERXN

    Why was this actually so fire. Let's get this Courage!

  11. Dennys Loperena

    Yo boy washing his teeth w no toothpaste he be looking like gru from despicable me. courage theres no hate towards u ur my favorite streamer funny great content keep it up u know ur an inspiration.

    Make this blue if u agree no clout chase here

  12. Carlos Gutierrez

    Did Ariana just call courage her boyfriend ? W's in chat boys you love to see it

  13. weesam ticket Fans

    Courage: I made a video with ariana grande
    Ariana: THANK U NEXT

  14. go ku

    he really looks like my ICT teacher…

  15. Anzorro

    If only Ariana sees this. 😂❤

  16. Daniel Garcia

    courage you got jebated she used you for views

  17. Arxx _


  18. xxpowersportsxx

    Honestly didnt see the shirt ripped

  19. The Tenth

    Man I love you Courage,Jordan,Valkyrae,Matt man i just luv everyone

  20. WaitWhatThe GT

    Hell naw there’s no way that’s courage voice

  21. Smart MMA

    Hell still get copyright stroked by some cunt regardless

  22. David Long

    Be alot cooler if it was a sex vide. With her

  23. MUSTO


  24. PetiriJD

    At the pool scene when Jack has on the outfit I got some mac miller vibes anyone else ?!?!

  25. cavali_holla l

    Ok courage I see u making nothing but good career moves

  26. Legacies News

    Honestly amazing

  27. crz 316

    you fucking killed bugha

  28. Isaac Yanez

    That’s a huge “W”

  29. P3RK Richness

    That end bro " I just introduced courage to my boyfriend" can we get a rip in the chat for courage Jd please

  30. scythex

    bich ari is mine

  31. MakeMeLaugh

    Something courage would say to Ariana Grande 2 months in the relationship: meow for me cat 😂

  32. Miklos A.R.

    The part where he getting taught to dance reminds me of hitch when will smith is teaching kevin to dance

  33. Nicky Cole

    Nice music video


    Roses are red
    Violets are blue YouTubers sometimes clickbait
    And one of them is you

  35. Markus Harding

    This nigga shot he’s shot using her song… bold

  36. officialmariella


  37. Byron Franklin

    Courage I absolutely love this video💯I wish u good luck with everything life brings you. You have alot coming in the future and its only gonna get better😌

  38. kid_randomnes 247

    Jack looks like Drake, but white😂

  39. Jaiceplayzz

    wut da fuk man. you could have just sent that chicken to my p.o box

  40. Vergixx

    You’re a freak…

  41. I'm thinking Cuz

    Congrats man

  42. Hayden Tharp


  43. Kelsi Sherwin

    all of a sudden courage meets ariana. and now SHES CALLING HIM HER BOYFRIEND WTF.

  44. Naseem Najeeb

    If this gray, you are gay.

  45. Riley Gentry


  46. Matthew Robinson


  47. PetiriJD

    Lmao ive watched this literally 6 times and am not getting tired of it bc its 🔥🔥🔥

  48. Andrew Wildeman

    This was fiiiiiiiiiireeeee🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  49. Youssef Tarek

    This is actually nice good joob

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