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  1. backpackingonline


    ..so pull out your Russian tanks?

    Trump-Ukraine scandal? It is the undemocratic party's smokescreen 2.0

    Trump is doing his job description. In this instance, U.S. Constitution Article II Section 3 mandates "he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed".

    It is guilty intent "quid pro Joe"and the "professional politicians" that think "the norm" is bribes and extortion.

    Hillary-Obama administration DNC-Democrat Party leadership is the corruption-crime.

    John Kerry's step-son? Don't leave out "Whitey" Bulger murderer, soliciting murder, extortion, narcotics, money laundering, racketeering's nephew partner.

    I noticed, not a word about George Soros and Ukraine. Who provides his cash?

  2. scott left

    Tell a tale backwards, and it's easy to spin a lie…who asked who, for what, first?…independance is a goal America always backs….anywhere….since day one…few get it right like they did.

  3. scott left

    Adam is the Court Eunuch, Pelosi is the Dem Dowager, the media are an army of dwarf Jesters….and Trump is the best god- King Emperor yet…..4 more years….ABSOLUTLY…..it will be freekn AWSOME.

  4. joe humphrey

    Russia the most trusted name in American news. How… unbelievable the current state is. Our past selves weep.

  5. M Ch

    "Arms deals, cushy jobs, meddling – the way US elite see Ukraine?" – this is the way the elite is all over the world. They must be exterminated to make our planet healthy.

  6. Z K

    Hahaha Cin City 3 such a great comparasion. Lol

  7. O. Smith

    What's are the Ukrainian people doing about this ??? Are they that stupid I feel no sorrow for people who don't want to help themselves to ride themselves of corrupt government and foreigners such as the u.s

  8. Leo Jansen

    Sin City Villains are choirboys compared to those Scumbags!

  9. Leo Jansen

    Kurt Volker is a sneaky weasel!

  10. gotip58

    Yankobitch was so loved by the Ukrainian people he could not find one spot in the country to stay. instead he fled to Russia with his stolen spoils. Followed by his son the "dentist" with his own 500 million. Not too shabby for a "dentist" eh comrades?? LMAO

  11. Sergei Shoigu

    Haha this reporter is awesome

  12. Donald Ganley

    Excellent! And Hunter Biden is just a hard-working, aspiring billionaire after all.

  13. Dowlphwin

    2:23 It's hard to imagine more serious allegations because that's the limit of what the Dems are currently able to commit? 😏
    I am sure once they get really creative and come up with even more serious allegations, they will.
    So, if a law was overturned due to a crook, that should void the act, no? You can't just burn lobbyists up in successful bombings on laws. You gotta rebuild.
    When you said Schiff has a much friendlier face, were you deliberately mocking his 'special eyes'? (I still don't know whether that's just eye drops or mind control or trauma or psychopathy or a mix of those.)

  14. Sheeple are Lame

    Hopefully Putin will rig US 20/20 election & Trump won't be president lol

  15. Shashank Kolhe

    Ukrainians sold their country to USA.
    Shameless ukropnazis

  16. cazzo53

    Russia never meddle in the US Elections, Yet; UKRANIA did Supported Hilary and it's ok to Meddle and Not one word mentioned about it….

  17. PigMine 6

    Amazing video! Thank you RT, and thank you Mr. Putin for the intel! Is it "aid" or just global sales? Not a single dollar should flow to Ukraine! Shifty Schiff even says @2:10 that the president has legal authority to use leverage. As a West Texan I proclaim the United States has no business selling Ukraine weapons, especially since Ukraine is not a NATO member, and has no allegiance to the U.S. They can just as easily sell these weapons to Al-Qaeda or ISIS, or use them against our own passenger jets. Mr. Trump put it on hold because it is a slap in the face to Russia for no reason, and also it is corrupt as hell

  18. Ade Larsen

    Hillary for prison.

  19. Willy Tan

    Ukrainians have to ask themselves since the US so call 'INVESTED' 5 Billion in Ukraine, where is the evidence or result of that investment so to speak or had it gone into the pockets of their puppets they control. 5 Billion spent effectively could do wonders for Ukraine, now the poorest nation in Europe.

  20. Mario García

    Murad nails it.

  21. P P

    Who British Americans sell the unth thank lonchas what the Ukrainians are Fashcist and the criminals of America are selling them weapons so British Americans are nothing better then terorist around the world when money is in question.

  22. Mario Sismar

    The president of america is the seller/coordinator for the distribution/selling of fire arms and military arsenals from the miltary industrial complex own by the AIPAC groups.Either the democrat/republican who will win/govern the white house and still their head is under the control of the jews oligarch.

  23. gerry chan

    Americans can not be trusted, they subvert the truth and persistently push lies. America is soooo corrupt! Look what happened in Southeast Asia, Central America, Middle East or almost anywhere, America just PRETENDS it’s for just cause. DO NOT BE FOOLED!!

  24. HyperActive7

    This is what the American people need to hear and aren't hearing because the MSM is all but finished with doing legitimate reporting which could easily save our country when our citizens have that power in their grasp. We have two choices and both of them make us go two ways: The first is, we stand up and don't vote for these idiots on a local level and work our way up and just vote for Trump or we keep like sheep letting them sheer us until our wool grows back in four years and they sheer it again and kill us off because we went BAA instead of NAA.

  25. eva arnold

    The friends and family plan! Globalist scam. U.S. Tax payer money sent overseas and disappears into fake Jobs, Non Profits, grants, etc.

  26. Mark Summers

    Schiff looks like nixon

  27. Former El Chupacabra

    Murad as always doing good job.

  28. Ding fu yin Lee

    Russian propaganda channel

  29. M1CHAEL C0RL3ON3

    If Saudi Arabia could not fight out a Wet Paper Bag after Hundreds of Billions worth of US Weaponry what will Ukraine do to Russia with a few Missiles? We aren't talking about the Houthi Farmers in Yemen.

  30. Mr A

    Good information and video. Thank you. Sadly never mentioned on bbc or ITN. I also give thumbs up to the presenter… I enjoy his style of speech

  31. Divergent Evolution

    Without war and tax dollars being laundered directly into their GDP/GNP the US economy would collapse over night. They are the epitome of a terrorist state.

  32. Kevon Thomas

    Land of Rasicim, unequality and hate not opportunity👈👀

  33. mar c

    they are all rottin to the core.

  34. multisphere1

    It’s to keep instability. Why Zelensky was showing bullet and pricing human life? I am puzzled. 😂

  35. guy fox


  36. Maca Roni

    What a bunch of crooks.

  37. Adam Rutter

    Disgusting simpletons in office. Its time to burn it down. All of it & all of them! If proven guilty to treason to any citizens freedom in the world deserves instant death penalty depending on severity. Small scale and forced scared individuals get a chance through court. But the proven guilty burn them to the ground and may there bodies and soul never return to this earth.

  38. extra solar

    see already we are experiencing obstruction and meddling and interference and unauthorized efforts designed to fail. if that is your habitual expectation then america is not going to advise otherwise however when one listens to moscows lectures of logic and when one ponders putins narratives on nature, one certainly assumes that at least helga would be hired, instead. part of the process of presenting news is listening to your audience.

  39. reality check

    America has weapons pointing at Russia in NATO countries and America’s claiming Russia is the aggressor.

  40. Wesley Edwards

    Ha. Is that all you got? Get that weak sauce out of here.

  41. foxrot Ghost

    Russia the only nation I still have faith in, please save us Mr putin.

  42. Beloved One

    Define 'Normal country.'

  43. Vierotchka

    The Ukraine just a normal country? ROFLMAO!

  44. Hugo Cuandon

    Yet we have Gringo dumbed tourists express fear for their safety when they come to our 3rd world countries when their own is ruled by the filthiest class of the world.

  45. Joelynn Carter

    Thank you for making the distinction "US elites" many Americans disapprove of the behavior of those who rule them.

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