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  1. Jennie Kim Black DE

    Am i the only one that wants a 1month that were gonna only wear our traditional clothes? (Sorry on my english)

  2. Phenomenal Love

    Philippines very elegant dress and many traditional dress than other Asian countries but many Filipino not pure blood pinoy😢

  3. Bôn Trần Văn

    Just diferent but all beautiful I love all!!! From Vietnam 🇻🇳♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. Unlucky Cat

    You just forgot a lot I mean A LOT of ethnic groups,I think you should be aware of different groups in Asia

  5. Jejuislan8125

    Filipino national costumes stick out but in a different way , sorry to say but 333 years of Spanish colonization has really diluted their culture 🤷🏻‍♂️ just my opinion .

  6. Joseph Ricafort

    Philippine culture is too Oriental for a Westerner and too Hispanic for an Asian. Let's say, we should create it's own category, a "Hybrid".

  7. Ruby_ Chae

    Philippines is the best

  8. Gyline reyes

    I love there clothes

  9. Cow Vichhika

    Apsara cambodia not thai

  10. Nguyen Huy

    Korean have hanbok. We's vietnam have ao dai

  11. Neliva Watre Momin

    What about North East India? They didn't even mention any of the dress

  12. C Scarlet

    like the BGM(^-^)Chinese Pipa

  13. Bopha Sorr

    Since when was the Apsara in Thai culture? Gave a dislike for not paying that much attention in Research.

  14. Bopha Sorr

    7:047:08 That is the CAMBODIAN Apsara! Not Thailand!

  15. Bopha Sorr

    More like Famous countries in asia's Costumes.

  16. 구라스리이나


  17. Vichbot Heab

    7:04 that is cambodia traditional costume ot Thailand

  18. Gleen Gomez

    Ganda nila

  19. Gleen Gomez


  20. Bousom Sovan

    Some of picture thai traditional clothes have cambodian traditional clothes.
    please you check again.

  21. wic wong

    i have to say they r wrong.

  22. johan singharat borner

    it's incorrect

  23. Pikapik Pika

    2:47… why is there a Philippine flag right behind the Korean girl? 😂😂

  24. Muyun牧雲

    Like Gorgeous Chinese Hanfu.


    Hey I from thailand
    Japan china philippines vietnam
    india so beautiful….💕💕💕

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