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  1. Fleur Hufflepuff

    This was the best collab! Do one with Shane, Garret, Morgan, Andrew, Ryland… Tho whole squad lol

  2. Grace Young

    Umm… horses don’t eat straw they sometimes sleep on straw or on shaving they eat hay, grass, and grain. I am an equestrian and I was dying when Dr.Mike was like “you know what horses eat.” 😂. love your vids Dr. Mike keep on. uploading.❤️❤️❤️🐶🐶

  3. Jemmi!

    Why dose Ricky remind me or Rich from be more chill

  4. Vision Farms Equine

    Hay: Dried grass or alfalfa.
    Straw: Wheat/oat stubble, the dried stalks leftover after the grain has been harvested.
    Horses eat hay. Way too many people don’t know the difference. 😁

  5. Amaris Flores

    I heard if you wear deodorant before bed you can get cancer… is that true?

  6. Jessi Lee

    I wonder if your friend drinks a lot of caffeine. It sounds a little like over active bladder 2/2 caffeine.

  7. James Wylie


  8. I-Have-A-Mental Crisis-Every-Two-Seconds

    No hate I love ricky but the lisp kinda bothers me idk y

  9. Randi tafellappen

    How do i get my brother to air out his sweaty hockey gear before it smells lol

  10. Demetria Giles

    You have very bad posture

  11. LaraD

    I have a weird sweat thing, and I have no idea why. Obviously when it’s 35 degrees I sweat like normal people do, but any other day, warm or freezing cold (in fact much more when it’s cold) I sweat under my arms unless I wear tight sleeves right up around the armpits. Anything loose and it’s no good, have to always wear singlets underneath loose shirts. It sucks.

  12. raggam mariam

    the look in mike face 4:55

  13. Julia Elsner

    How do you know if the supplements you take actually help

  14. xx thisdeadlyvirgo xx

    i got a blood test today and my elbow wont stop tickleing and its so freaking annoying

  15. KD Winnie

    ‪Do you feel a DO is a better fit for Dysautonomia/EDS patients rather than MD? I ask bc after 35 yrs, it seems bodywork is the one thing that gets back on my feet. But now I’m being told by MD to stay away from DO’s bc of hyper mobility! ‬

  16. Crowned Lily

    I always put my deodorant on before I go to bed.

  17. HorseLovinGal101

    Horses eat hay, but not straw. Some people use straw to bed down stalls or help with mud, they can ingest some safely, but it’s not given to them as actual food due to how lacking it is in nutrients. Just in case anyone wondered! It’s for this reason that around Halloween time you may see posts asking people to purchase straw bales to decorate with and sit on rather than actual hay bales since hay can be a hot commodity and it’s needed to feed their animals. It’s usually an honest mistake from the popular activity “hay rides” which are actually full of bales of straw to sit on, but unfortunately conditions people to incorrectly call straw hay. Keep being awesome everyone! 🙂

  18. Digitalhunny

    When travelling on a plane, ALWAYS carry Lysol wipes & wipe the tray, seat belt, arm rests & seat. Plus, the air above your seat near the light, blow it on you. The air creates a personal bubble around you, it filters away other peoples coughs & stuff. 🤗🌷

  19. Lilian Grange

    It's not actually BO it's BF haha! Bacteria Farts I love it.

  20. Elizabeth Wagner

    -I hate things near my eyes too! It took 3 people to hold me down and give me eye drops as a kid
    -I can't watch the needle go in but after I'm fine watching the blood be drawn

  21. Bri MacD

    I think he might have Vasovagal syncope. It's something I have, it's a physiological response to suddent stimulation, basically your blood pressure suddenly drops and you black out. My triggers have been getting blood drawn, trying contacts and getting shots and I cant even take my own pulse or look at my veins. Basically if you have a heightened awareness of your body, it triggers this panic response and it almost always makes me pass out.

  22. Helene Pick

    Horses can eat straw but many are prone to get colic. Hay is what horses should eat and have access to all day in order to stay healthy. Straw is used as bedding. Straw can have so many different yellowish colors depending on the seasons weather and how one stores it. I would probably see my doctor if my pee would have the color of straw from a bad season. 😀

  23. Dmart 360

    Hey Dr. Mike what are your opinions on the celery cleanse for hypothyroidism? I heard it could be beneficial but I’m a little scared to try it… penny for your thoughts? 😬

  24. Don't Worry be Happy

    Doctor Mike binge 2019 💛

  25. Maddeline Dominguez

    Wait, I have a question.
    I can not gain weight (I need advice on that 😔) I have weighed 100 pounds since I was 17 (I am currently 22) and when I go to the doctor he says that I have an accelerated metabolism but you tell this guy “you are probably of an accelerated metabolism so you sweat a lot "And he is thin. I am very thin but I do not sweat so much only if it is very hot or I am nervous and this guy says that he sweats for everything. The question is: am I of accelerated metabolism?

  26. Tiffany Vega

    He’s asking all of these questions but then he already knows the answers smh

  27. Abby E

    well at least you can't become a heroin addict. problems solved. Also he will prob never want to get on a plane again.

  28. Bruce Hearn

    "White" pee. Chemical industry declares a perfectly clear liquid as "water white". So, the term could be used as you accidentally tried to use it, but I suspect water white urine would not be a good thing.

  29. JemmaLove Beauty

    Talking about sweating, I get sweaty but I never smell.. literally can be dripping wet and nothing, no body odour! why is that?

  30. JemmaLove Beauty

    Mikey mikey mikey. You could say anything and I would believe you. I trust every word coming out of your mouth haha! Cant stop watching your videos, so interesting and educational

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