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  1. commie12 akk

    Lenin Moreno is a traitor to the proletariat and his people not unlike Sadat who at least fought for the Sinai or Khruschev who still did not reverse socialism.

  2. Party Tomorrow

    just live your life you will be forgiven but it wont be forgotten

  3. Party Tomorrow

    So im like there is no point for war

  4. Party Tomorrow

    and i always loved Russians way before my government liked me

  5. Mechyuda

    If this totally unjustified torture continues, then Assange will transform into a martyr for real free press and free speech. If Assange was in Iraq, then he would have been bombed by the Zionist US empire for being an information terrorist. Instead, Assange incorrectly thought he was safe in not-so-great Britain, thus, his privacy and property rights were thoroughly vioated, he was eventually captured, and he is now rotting away in a gulag of so-called superior human rights. 2020 could be the year Trump kills lots of important people who refuse to serve the Zionist US empire, because he is desperate to avoid impeachment, to win re-election, and to protect his lifetime of business scams from being fully revealed.

  6. ATG IMM

    The USA is full of weak minded cowards

  7. Kyle Pasta

    Assange is a modern day Jesus

  8. wiffleduster

    Free thinkers of the world need to come together and take back what is rightfully ours

  9. wiffleduster

    Yeah democracy is so much different than communism when you are a criminal that is innocent until proven guilty

  10. Hos.N Smir

    if only people could demand the nuking of tel aviv or the freedom of assange with one voice , while wearing yellow vests.

  11. Hos.N Smir

    treating assange like saddam would. zioterrorists within our gov desrve boiling tar and feathers.

  12. sahara alfie

    **..Julian Assange IS a National Hero .. and this extraordinary man will be treated like the hero he is .. ( the deepstate.mu.rderers do not have any power left .. they cannot and will not assassinate him .. 92%+ Americans are well awaken .. and trust me, will not let that happen **

  13. European Friend

    I feel bad for doing nothing, but this outrages me.. I know Assange since the Collateral Murder video, he is PUBLISHER we should all march to that prison and take him out by force.

  14. Christine Coughlan



    Assange is a heroic whistleblower, not a criminal. I hope he has a contingency plan to release more information proving high level corruption.

  16. Sergio Zh

    Зря его в полицию повезли) Нужно было отвести на психиатрическую экспертизу, ведь очевидно, что человек занимающийся подобной ерундой может быть не вполне вменяем.

  17. Phantasmagoria

    Sad. Says a lot about democracy.

  18. sgtlionDk

    The war criminals WILL have him to die…..

  19. john doe

    This is what happens to human beings who expose war crimes and criminals in governments around the world…

  20. Ysabella G.

    How can anyone mistreated this man, he saved how many children's by bringing us Thrut about child sacrifice, human trafficking, he brought out everything the "minionlluminaty" had planned to enslaved us, and open our eyes on the lies and conspiracy we were living in.

    And no one to save him😔
    Why do u think, All those good men, full of light and best intentions for humanity are always under attack, accused of wrongful act, brought down in dirt, even killed???
    Well, Assange is dying on a concrete cold floor for giving us the answer.😣

  21. durisaz1

    Assange he is man of the year not this greta goldberg ( or trungberg or OMEN child )

  22. Ms Cris

    I'd be sick to if I was looking at a sentence of life

  23. Unhygienic behavior is a lie. Bring the real Equator President back not these fake CIA puppets. FREE ASSANGE NOW OR WE WILL HELP YOU… (:

  24. Focus Media

    The second he leaked the dirty secrets of these criminal rulers, his life was over. Asange gave his life to wake humanity,

  25. Focus Media

    The only leader of justice who can rescue him is Putin!

  26. Focus Media

    There is no freedom or freewill, when you speak against a government they will do everything in their power to eradicate you!

    This is the act of dictatorial ruling, in it's most clear, open and transparent form, on show for the world to witness!

    Yet it was waved away like it was a annoying wasp!

  27. jeff schumacher

    Our canary in the coal mine is being tortured for alerting us to danger.

  28. Midna Urthqua

    This is what cowards do…they slowely suffocate an opponent because they can't handle the truth…not by argument and not by conscience. They have neither.

  29. xyz

    Dear Mr. Assange – KEEP FIGHTING!!!

  30. Jim Jim

    No one is above the law? Then why was 4 1/2 billion paid out for Julian Assange?? The hypocrites and the liars and the swamp leading us into a historical crisis. A repeating of disaster.

  31. Kevin Dani3ls

    Its sad that money speaks over freedom.

  32. CityguyUSA

    Let the UK plead their case in front of the ICC. The US has no juridiction over Assange!

  33. One of Five

    "rule of law"???????? who? british government/s??? no wonder the world is fucked up place. only a good size armageddon can save eathlings.

  34. vulo vulo

    they should release him or send to usa just for trump pardoning him to spite hillary.

  35. Abdalla 8598

    I have learned so many facts from you but now I don’t know if I can reward it for you and how???

  36. Kaela Creighton

    yeah, they did the same sick thing to me. "Love Without Sound" White Noise. I'm a child again and enjoying my second childhood — also annoying. It's sick. I'd rather get a firing squad with some dignity, not that they respect anyone anymore. As far as Assange goes, he's an "example." try some Prozac to keep the wandering down. Come on, Putin. Admit what you guys did to me ,too… that wasn't very nice. I know it's for the greater good but sucked. Worst job ever. I want to live on Billionaire's Row, please. I've had enough of them. I didn't do it for money. I just want to live in comfort until I die.

  37. Patrice Ortovent

    Full display of total contempt by the legal system in UK towards its citizens and those caught in UK for one reason or other with legal complications.Julian Assange is victim of a political and legal system rotten to the core by all states associated with the hysterical and decadent US empire. Absolutely nothing can be expected from the authorities in place in the US and its associates. Short of demolishing the system through the forces of the classe struggle and abolishing its structures we are going to see atrocities of all kind perpetrated by the forces of Kapital and its mignons world wide. We are witnessing the total collapse of a system having exhausted all possibilities of legitimacy. Now we are face to face with the conservatives forces using lies, abuses and contempt for the rules of law on one end and the population at large which becomes conscious of all the tricheries and deceits used for decades to keep a system of law and order which serves no one but a tiny minority with the power of accumulated money in their hands. A very fragile situation indeed which pushes all the scoundrels in power to use the state apparatus and its militarised police and army as well to keep the real forces of democracy at bay. Julian Assange can be free from this oppressing and abusing system only by the people outside of the system as it exists, this is part of the class struggle, it cannot be dissociated from it. Julian Assange has served the cause of the people well, even more than well, as such the people have the duty to support him and make sure the system of oppression do not succeed.

  38. Fake President & The Moscow Assets

    First step on U.S. soil he'll get Kremlin pardon.

  39. Mike T


  40. Mike T


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