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  1. Career Guru

    HK protests, trade war, military tensions and now typhoon. Stay strong China!

  2. Stewart Rodgers

    Stop yulin dog meat festival

  3. 歷史共業,中共再不反省,老天也看不下去

  4. Camille Nora

    Coconuts everywhere.

  5. 沒有救的猥褻物


  6. God please protect them , apocalypse is coming repent people come to Christ and you will be saved.

  7. 廃人


  8. Zayd melki

    china harssed muslim etnicity so Allah punish them with nibiru and typhoon

  9. Zayd melki

    end is coming

  10. Video Outtakes

    How can farmland be destroyed…?…..this weather happens every year….and they still have no response to it

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