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  1. dark light

    in other news, the sky is blue

  2. Filthy Philippenis Gay Smells Asocena

    Mexican cartels received weapons from UassA, such as AR15, M4 Carbines, M72 LAW, Barrett M82, grenades, etc. China must keep HKSAR out of UassA's military reach 🇺🇸💣🔫💥💀

  3. Lucy Brunson


  4. Jammy Jackson


  5. bird of paradise

    Freedom to owning a guns n democracy to killing🙏Nancy Pelosi “Beautiful sight of 20 killed btw US&Mexicans border.”

  6. Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen

    Trump paid the gangsters to get revenge Americunt fake Mormon were gun down in Mexico last month.I bet they were drug cartels.

  7. Chinese Cannabis Party CCP

    Freedom USA, Gunshots everyday

  8. Simon Nowicki

    Peace full country 😂

  9. Rush Popovich

    When you deal with devil's you will become one…Mexico should rethink dealing with usa,canada,uk and deal with Russia, China and African countries… Mexico should think of their closest continent South America and what uk,Israel,usa and canada are doing to them

  10. Enkaeri Gajahmada

    stupid how come you can't get rid drugs dealers

  11. Dan Liu

    无聊 学BBC和CNN吗 虽然不同的是这个基本是真的 但是我觉得还是更专注反击他们的谣言比较好

  12. US-Zionist Honey

    Beware !! This is the a reason why US could invade Mexico as the same reason when we invaded iraq and syria

  13. BluesCreation09

    Why the cartels kill each other? You should be working together to achieve the common goal. Your enemy is on the north of your country.

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