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  1. Shu Jo

    Watching po doc… nd to all member of health forum… grabeh. Nkakabilib tlga,, d nyo tlaga bibitawankmi.. hanggat d nmin nsiintindihan. ,, doc salamat po.. more power..🌹🌹🌹

  2. Maria Aldave

    Good news…happy watching here in Israel..

  3. Myren Dacuma

    Good evening Dr.Atoi!I’ved been watching your Health Forum.Thank you for the learnings.May God bless you always.Sana po makpg visit din po kau d2 s Cauayan City, Isabela.Thank you.

  4. Jayveejef Estabillo

    Napakarami ng matutunan sa health forum na ito..thanks doc atoie..now i know na what is ryt way..God bless po sna marami pa kau matulungan at bgyan pa kau ng Lord ng mahabang buhay..sna makapunta aq sa clinic mo..

  5. Girlie San Jose

    Hi po Doc.Atoie & Sir.Vic happy to watch you most of the time.I learn a lot & enjoying watching your program…Greetings from The Netherlands 🇱🇺

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