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    I very much liked the top shelf in the fridge with the limes strategically spaced. And of course, the cleanliness. Looking Sharp.


    Doesn’t drink regular milk, but has a tub of full fat sour cream next to the almond milk!🤦🏻🤦🏻

  3. Hamster

    He's such a lovely guy

  4. Solangel St.Louis

    So cute

  5. Simply Destini

    Damn. When did he get this fine


    Bruno sucks at wrapping lol

  7. vsboy 25

    Lets be real if the dude was ugly he would not be rich an famous

  8. Natalie Thomas

    There’s no way he works out 5 days a week 😂 barely has any muscles

  9. Rohan D'cruz

    He's got chef Bob? Lucky. I've got chef Mom who tells me to whip up my own damn eggs

  10. SandStorm XII

    Wonder what happen to dude

  11. guillefraco

    His badly wrapped fridge door is giving me anxiety

  12. I Like Food

    8:05 u at a nude beatch

  13. RR

    All that meat will fuck you up one day get some other protein sources

  14. Faith Fitness

    He use to be ripped

  15. Justins Entertainment

    Do Cristiano Ronaldo

  16. XXX

    All this is for the PR 😂

  17. Doodle God

    I forgot this nigga existed

  18. Steezy

    it’s like he’s getting interrogated with how fast he’s being asked the questions lmao

  19. Roserudd

    I just have one question why the hell he need a basketball when he’s telling us what’s in his fridge I-

  20. onelesslcnelygirl xo

    “i’ll just make myself some eggs & then cry myself to sleep”
    a mood

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