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  1. i pan

    Chinese scientists made the most sophisticated earplugs to avoid Donald Trump's stupidity

  2. have fun

    You have increased national debt $1 trillion in 2019, great job!

  3. isavin1730

    He said he was going to be unpredictable and he kept his word

  4. Dan Vicary

    Please – tell me – what is the FED doing daily – money bled to Wall Street? And from what incarnation? I am confused by – bank liquidity issues?

  5. M z

    While the top 1 percent of Farmer recipients received on average more than $180,000 in subsides each. The bottom 80 percent received on average less than $5,000.

  6. Evil Lyn

    Tim Apple needs to explain tariffs to Ttump.

  7. Morgz Cox


  8. larry holbrook

    No they won't, no you don't make money from tarrifs, That's my money I pay for tariffs, find someown who knows how this works and make the deal already, do your job.

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