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  1. phil gibbs

    Never vote labour greens and liberals ever… ever…or nothing will ever change.

  2. Brettox Benzyme

    Corporation Brigalow (Australian Government) is Australias and Australians biggest threat … As far as I can tell Australians are on the brink of being completely wiped out as a people … this will be the last generation of fully functional Australians as defined by our inherited history,culture and wealth … sold to the highest bidder and robbed by the biggest crime syndicate called ""Australian Government""

  3. Roderick Sloan

    All Politicions are bought > end of.


    Australia – India and Japan need to form one alliance . Do not expect anything from USA under Trump

  5. Christine S

    The government is trying to bring in the Cash Restriction Law 2019 to stop the black economy, named is the tradie, home hairdresser etc., The true black economy is the banking industry and global accounting firms like who create tax avoidance schemes to cheat Australian's out of taxes. KPMG has been found guilty of this in USA and yet our government employed them to design the Cash Restriction Law 2019 to lock us into the banking system and in their submission to the senate last week they've now advised it should be a cash ban of $2,000 not the intended $10,000!
    These are the real perpetrators of the Black Economy.


  6. Bob Hawke


    Can’t trust untalented men who obviously get where they are through the well practiced political art of deception and stabbing every back they possibly could along the way.

    Who would have knew?

    ‘This shit really gets the oldies going I guess. Must remember to say communist at least 10 times. Which is easy to do and easy link to anyone with business dealings as China is a communist country and a massive market. So almost all business deals with China in one way or another and all business in China are communist.
    So Pail Keating having a share or whatever in a bank in China is so relevant I guess……….oh and it makes him a communist without doubt ………………………………………………………………communism.

  7. Bob Hawke

    Fuck. What a man bear pig!

  8. Chicken Dancer

    Australia has the best political system money can buy…

  9. OUTRAGED Aussie

    Australia is run by corruption and traitorers professional criminals. Liberal or labor green's they are all one same. Sell outs to their own people and country. !!!!!!!!….. like most people I know will never vote liberal or labor green's again. NEVER. !!!!!…..

  10. les harris

    Keating was always a crook. China's CCP was always a threat to Australian. Fiat money is useless. Banking is a destroying Australia. 200% household debt greater than Australian debt. Who siphoned off the money through government and used slush funds. People in debt are controlled. Australia is a rich country but someone is stealing the money at an incrediable rate. All Australians should live a rich life without personal taxes.

  11. J Richo

    And another great reset in humanity is in the making

  12. Always4ward

    Westpac, incompetence? Try complicity…

  13. Mick Taylor

    I won't be in Westpac much longer

  14. AYFJ

    Keating, what a slime ball sellout like Hawke. In fact they are all sellouts.

  15. Mick Taylor

    WOW, ASIO saying that is BIG!!!!! They are a threat, massive threat. Meanwhile, these leftist who never studied about Mao or Starlin are constantly embracing communist/socialist beliefs even when history proves how much of a trainwreck it is. Victoria is virtually communist already under Andrews along with the ABC as their leftist propaganda media machine. The groundwork for China's conquest is already been implemented via Universities and having many of this current generation believing socialism is better than democracy. Maybe they should ask Hong Kong people about that and survivors of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

  16. Tachyon Drive-by Shooting

    Is there not a Banking Ombudsman to complain to?

  17. debra knight


  18. debra knight


  19. Connie Dobbin

    It seems that Australian politicians have been bought. Australia should be a sovereign country and China should not have any attainment of any share of any part of Australia.
    China seems to be a threat around the world too stretching its communist tentacles as far as they are able.

  20. JHK 23

    Look up the Socialist Fabian Society members, 5 are former prime ministers, all are Labor party members who abandoned trade with Taiwan to trade with CCP

  21. Alex Gutierrez

    Albanese: Outlining a vision of a over-taxed future without any stable energy, and PC culture that will fine you for not having the correct PC views… no thanks

  22. TBone MC

    Companies are run by people and it's high time these people are made criminally liable. I don't just want these people sacked but also sent to gaol with massive fines. If you have a traffic accident no one fines or charges the car. In Westpac's case this should include the entire board as it is their job to know and a heap of management should join them. Our entire education system produces nothing but good little socialists and this has gone on for so long they now perpetuate themselves without any real need anymore for all the CCP's student organizations, societies and Confucius Institutes. This insidious product of our education system coupled with their militant arm, the feminists, are destroying this country. Millions and millions of Lenin's useful idiots. The so called Australian Patriarchy never stood a chance once the communists began pandering to women's egos and vanity.


    Keating is so slimey what a traitor to Australians!


    Albo…….. Elmmer fud…

  25. CrouchingWombatHiddenQuoll

    All bastard's in shiny suits. Media are sniveling liers , the propaganda arm of corporate criminals.

  26. jill stone

    It is the government that changed the laws allowing the Chinese in 35% of our best land water ports energy The government and public service are to blame for this treachery

  27. dante dante

    ***WHAT AN UNDERSTATED TOPIC ***and 90% of Australians are oblivious to the fact ..****TAKE NOTE ALL UNINFORMED****…
    All Australian politicians are imposter politicians of a totally illegal government..
    ""The Commonwealth of Australia"" IS the name of an American Registered Corporation that MASQUERADES as the Australian government ONLY..The current CEO of that corporation is Morrison..He is no more the prime minister than l am …..All the pomp and ceremony ,smoke and mirrors are a sharade ..This false government is a collective collusion between Labor and Liberal to """circumvent ""öur true and lawful Queens Commonwealth of Australian government …Crooked lawyers and Whitlam ..Hawke..Keating all conspired to remove our true Government with our inherent rights and freedoms and constitution..Each and every day our freedoms and rights are taken away…the will of the people is totally ignored to the point now Australia is a Dictated Democracy by a ""star chamber fascist government….***NOW IN AUSTRALIA ….DEMOCRACY IS JUST AN ILLUSION… doubt this at your peril ..fact check everything ……
    ……………………..NOW …..WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT ???????????????????????????????

  28. Sir Graeme Kenneth

    Need politicians in major parties to stand up for Australia. Australia is at a financial and demographic war with China.
    Politicians Cow tow to the dollar instead of the National interests.

  29. Ken Moore

    Bet you that if the Government was held to account and made to disclose what China actually owns they would be shot.

    Our Governments past and present have sold us out.

    Not only to China but any country with the money.

    U.K, South Korea, China, Japan, USA and any other country with the right connections.

    What a SHAM, what a DISGRACE?

    All Politicians are out for what they can get.

    Keating is the worst of all followed closely by Bob Hawke.

    Just look at how many Chinese students come here to study and stay only to bring their whole extended families here.

    How do we know they are not plants.

    No person of Chinese extraction will ever get my vote.

    Australia needs to tell China to fuck off !

  30. David Browne

    Albenese – Labor has learnt from its past mistakes Sorry Anthony, I do not believe a word of that. You are still a past part o the Gillard/Rudd wrecking crew . You are still globalist in the direction you want to take the country. Labour, and the immoral Greens, are run by the same people who run the Democrats in the USA. You represent the elitists. You no longer represent the blue collar workers of this country. I used to believe in you guys. I would not give you the time of day now. So NO Anthony, I do not think you have learnt.

  31. Nathan Dunning

    Then they will be held to account when this People's Revolution is complete. All those that sold us out to China will be charged and Tried for Treason.

  32. Joindque05

    Australian politicans a bigger threat than china its shameful but true , OUR POLITICANS CANNOT BE TRUSTED !

  33. Johnmatrix1000

    The Chinese can fuck off back to China, plenty of other good asian countries that should be given a chance to migrate to Australia.

  34. Karen M

    I will be voting for Big Clive again I think.

  35. Richard Prat

    Is China colonizing Australia? — Economic Collapse — Stock Market Crash

  36. raphael vitton

    The crooked politicians are now proxies being used against the Australian peoples interest of a free Constiutional Democracy.
    China will go bankrupt anyways… these clowns need to be stopped from betraying our national destiny and sense of INTEGRITY.
    Your making us look bad wankers!

  37. Jane Gilmore

    They have already bought a airport in WA

  38. gavin barr

    One thing is for sure, if the fake media is pushing the threat of China, they are not.

  39. mario zambito

    It's Chinese money, bribery at federal and state elections. When a rich Chinese man goes to a individual politician or a political party with $10 million dollars privately, behind closed doors to influence votes or to fabricate votes and to pass specific policies into law, its hard to pass up on that deal for politicians. Politicians are selling out our democracy for Chinese money because they really only care about securing there own family's futures.
    It's pretty noticeable with the cash ban, Encryption laws, Meta Data, low wages and the rollout of spy cameras in our major cities.

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