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  1. Nick Heath

    No because the system has been taken over by the feminists. I know because my son hung himself at Varsity College and ended up with a ABI.

  2. General Malaise

    Hey white people, your countries are being invaded.

    R U OK with that?
    Cause if not, too bad.

  3. Clinton Cox

    Doesn't help when the APA deems men's suicide a toxic masculinity problem. I will never seek help in the gynocentric industries of health. It just does not address men's mental health, I say this from experience. And it will be the same next year when even more than 12 men a day commit suicide. Admit it society, by only dealing with women's issues and health, you have contributed to the problem rather than help it. Own up to it, and we can move on. This is just another greedy revenue grab. Help yourselves men, it is the better alternative.

  4. General Malaise

    So only white people this is for? lol.

  5. General Malaise

    Any information revealed to a health professional may be obtained by the state as evidence to be used against the individual.
    Confidentiality in a doctor/client relationship is an hypocrisy.

  6. General Malaise

    The DSM is the manual the governments created to enable them to find anyone 'guilty' of mental illness. They needed a foolproof way of getting certain people out of the way. When Ezra Pound spoke about hidden elite, they used the mental illness diagnosis against him and he spent 12 years in a psychiatric ward until a certain Robert Frost spoke out to release him. A cog in a machine serves it's purpose as long as it only refers to itself as 'of' the machine. Once it stops, the machine starts to malfunction.

  7. Svetka Aleshenka

    Society is Not OK! Funding Pharmaceutical companies because of, is Not OK either!

  8. DRS_ au

    And for who's benefit is this ? . . . I assure you it's not for men's. This is just another two edged sword that can be use against anyone but mainly to excuse women's behavior.

  9. Mr Sausage

    Thankfully all the people I know realise this is all wokey soft and puffy soft-centered bullshit dreamed up by a generation who would fold like tissues if we had an actual war and had to fight in it (or even just live through it as civilians). So thankfully no-one I know would dream of asking me because they would know the consequences of doing so. And FFS, for those people how are potentially mentally ill or fragile, pro-actively seek help at any time, the sooner the better. Don't wait for some virtue signaling stupid day for some random person or family member / acquaintance to ask how you are.

  10. Kaos The Cosmic Reviewer


  11. Jim Bob

    Mental health has become big business. Seems it is now being blamed for just about every disturbance on the planet, except for climate change.

  12. GodBotherer1

    I'm not telling anybody the truth about how I feel. Because all you'll do is call the authorities & make up some lie about my mental state & the cops will come & take my guns off me to prevent me from 'self-harm.' Which is pointless because I can just go & jump infront of a train, drink 5 bottles of vodka, stick a fork in powerpoint….. So, 4bortion is okay, but 86ing yourself isn't????

  13. Burntburgers

    No f u

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