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  1. TheBishop12

    “fucking Chinese child prodigy son of ah bitch..”
    the best one

  2. TheBishop12

    “Are you fucking high on Opium mate?”

  3. Ridwan Haque

    Holy fuck this is funny

  4. Professor Parano3

    Yeah! wat ya tryin to grab you crab

  5. Brendan Drew

    What is the song you use in 0:00

  6. Death Blaze66

    4:16 btw

  7. Crazee G Life

    When ding sings the anthem does he say oreos or oranges?

  8. Tiffany S

    When you’re here because you’re an asian and plays tennis

    Yes I’m new to this channel

  9. dieselgames 99

    People in backrounld what the …

  10. Alice Wolf Girl


  11. Karsten Kam

    best op ever

  12. Jack Diamond

    3:40 shitjustgotreal

  13. Archer McKnight

    Do more of the jamo show

  14. Robloxian alamat101

    Imagine being those guys in the 2nd court witnessing that lol

  15. Mr. Smoose

    I dunno who the f*ck ping pong is… I don’t give a sh*t about your love life

  16. TinyTimGameYT Plays

    Hello Ostrayaaa

  17. Harry Lanaway

    Very yummy chocolate! 😂😂

  18. Chris Chang

    Yessssss Badminton

  19. Briana Lamb

    "Can you try not to sound like the Japanese border?" HHAHA

  20. Ald3n Sommerfeld

    Whoelse is waiting for the episode where ding teaches Jamo to play badminton and catch crickets🤣🤣🤣

  21. Robert Nemiel

    give us more the jamo show

  22. Ryan W.

    Why does Jamo look more Chinese than the Chinese guy?

  23. Andy T

    When’s the next episode?

  24. Zack Drever

    That was a good fucking shot 3:42

  25. Derpqueen 101

    Is it just me or was I concerned when they were swearing because there was children on the next court…?

  26. SX GodAtMax

    I laughed so hard at 4:17😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Icer Ikazu

    This is killing me on laughter.

  28. Newen Studios

    What’s the song in the openingg

  29. garlicbread33

    Australia sell da oooranges

  30. A R M A A N

    3:43 oh shit……..🤣

  31. Yeah Ji


  32. carn da tiges

    Ding has some muscle

  33. Frank S. Ly

    You should do gymnastics it would be so funny or fob sports teacher.

  34. Anna Stasi

    Please more

  35. Dani W

    Imagine going to your local tennis club and seeing these guys… I would probably run 😂

  36. Amigos Dos Amigos

    You’re both chinaman

  37. Derpqueen 101

    4:34 when you play a game at school and the other person you’re playing with thinks they are good at it but isn’t good at it

  38. Moon

    "The suns out which means it's a great time to play tennis"
    Boi your playing INSIDE xD

  39. Muhammad Karim

    Copy cats, they copied superwogs

  40. IranExplain

    These videos make me want to come to Australia

  41. Apiix _YT

    What’s that music

  42. k191 wolf

    But jarmo you fat lol

  43. TotalMeltdown

    Sponsored by Yonex

  44. JakeJonKing

    Grab a ball

  45. JustAnotherAccount


    Random china man:
    The world is a big table!

  46. Jaime Flores

    Mate i dunno who the fuck ping pong is lol

  47. Robbie Porter

    The world is a big toilet to you too😂😂

  48. bubble o peridot

    Drunk as hell

  49. Hossam Saffieddine

    Special Olympics 😂

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