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  1. Downshiftology

    Hi guys! I've finally got the last video in my seasonal meal prep series! I hope you enjoy all these new recipes and ideas. Don't forget to watch through to the end to see my bloopers. Sometimes talking can be difficult. 😉 xo – Lisa

  2. Jeanie Kurtis

    Such a helpful video! I love your meal prep videos.

  3. Oliver Scheurich

    finally some take-outs! super funny – thanks for all the videos, recipes and inspiration that came with them!

  4. Kimberly Turany

    Oh my goodness! You are such a beautiful person inside and out. I’m new to your channel and to clean eating. I’m so jazzed! I’ve been watching your videos! I stumbled across you because I was looking up anti inflammatory foods and your video popped up. I love how you do food! I’m gonna be in a heal crisis if I don’t make a lasting change! Thank you for giving so much of yourself away! Thank you for the encouragement!

  5. Kyriaki Georgiadi

    Lisa, I am watching you for several weeks and every video is better than the previous. I am really impressed by your profesionalism, your innovative ideas and your attitude. You are doing a really great job, I've watched almost every video from the beggining of Downshiftology. Keep up the good work, you are giving us a grounbreaking example of how to create a healthy lifestyle easily and effortlessly. I am in love with your website and videos. Thank you.

  6. Brindusa

    Love it, love it, love it! You are doing a wonderful job with these videos! Very useful and inspiring! You make it sounds so easily getting alo these done 🙂 Greeting from Romania, from an AIP girl 😘

  7. Amanda

    Everything looks so delicious and i love all of the ingridients!!! definitely gonna try some of these recipes

  8. Alexandra Manga

    I love these meal prep videos but I wish you would make more meal preps per each season with different ideas. I’m not as creative with meal ideas as you are so I love seeing these type of meal peeps for new and exciting ideas.

  9. Teacher LBT

    Love everything! So fresh and yum!

  10. Bridgette Viviers

    Hi! I loved this video so much! Will you be able to do a South African themed meal prep video? 📹❤️❤️

  11. Aneta Sidoruk

    Lisa thank you so much for this video! I’m always anticipating new recipes from you! They are simple yet delicious and so satisfying! I’m so grateful for you and your channel!!! Cannot wait to try these out!!!

  12. Joyce Chahine - Pianist

    That macro bowl looks divine!!

  13. Lyn

    Great video! So many variations of what you can do. I love your meal prep meals.

  14. baba

    I live for her.

  15. SGT Williams

    It’s like yesterday that you hit 100K subscribers. Now you’re at over half a million. Keep up the good work Lisa, and I enjoy your videos!

    BTW, the sweet potatoes and the pancakes looked delicious 😋

  16. Sara Pittman

    These look amazing! Today has been the first day that has really felt like fall and I need a menu for next week.

  17. JewishGirlRox

    Lisa what advice do you have for people living in areas where everything is seasonal and things can be so expensive.
    Like any berries, cherries, kale, spinach, broccoli are rare are extremely expensive and more food.

  18. Sarah Doan


  19. Lucie Gallagher

    Wow Lisa, this video is amazing! I think I’d need to make double recipe for the apple pancakes as my boys would eat them before I got anywhere near the freezer! 😂 I must make the chia pudding, I haven’t tried that yet! Awesome job. Well done. You are brilliant xxx

  20. Alliejen12345

    Lisa- do you have a cookbook? I’d buy today if so. Great video! Greatly appreciate it!

  21. Akansha Verma

    Hey lisaa,
    You have delicious mixer of creativity and easy meal prep.
    Staying away from home it gets difficult to cook, but with your ideas it makes it simpler. Please do not stop with meal prep. They are so informative and worth trying.
    Love from India 🙂

  22. MsOnitemi

    You have the best meal prep!!

  23. Christina Roseman

    Lisa, you just make everything look so easy and delicious. Can't tell you how much I appreciate your effort. Thanks.

  24. Stacey K Clarke

    Wow, thanks! This gives me some great ideas!

  25. Ragana Regnbue

    I honestly wonder if these vast amount of kale is a trend among foodtubers or if American really eat that much of it.

  26. Carmen D Lugo

    Where did you get the container for the pancakes!

  27. C Ulery

    I know what I'm making this weekend. Yum :p

  28. Nancy Madsen

    Hi Lisa, thank you for your video, I love 💕 trying your recipes especially your meal preps. I would like to see more meal prep videos.

  29. Maria maria

    Nice video but not practical, the ingredients are expensive and so many appliances required. Unsubscribed.

  30. Julia Ginn

    Amazing recipes! Thank you!

  31. Alejandra Ramirez

    Can you please make a video with you sauces/vinaigrettes? I LOVE ur videos

  32. T Tone

    I love you and your bloopers! 😀 I would love to see some "one pan" meal recipes sometime! Your seasonal meal prep videos are my favorite on your channel, I would love to see you do a "Season 2" of them over the coming year! <3

  33. April Harris

    Your meal prep videos are the best!

  34. Beth

    What?! Shredding chicken in a mixing bowl!😍 subscribed! ☺️

  35. Delia Ana-Maria Carloveschi

    Loved loved this fall meal prep Lisa, thanks, I love everything and I will prep this week-end, it is hard to find the flour in Montreal, what could I use instead? Other question Lisa for the vinaigrette the family find it to tart, what ratio should I use? Thanks a lot keep up the good work, love it.

  36. Mandi Armand

    what is the pancake squeeze bottle you're using?

  37. Melinda Black

    luv ur meal preps! this one looks amazing.

  38. definedlife

    Girl you’re good!

  39. Rossella Altissimo

    Thank you so much for these recipes pdf. I hope you enjoy all these new recipes and ideas.

  40. Corina Trisca

    hi! How do you clean your cutting board? Mine always smells like onion, no matter how many times I clean it… 🙁

  41. TheNicoliyah

    These are always so amazing, beautiful to look at and inspires me to eat better, making a shopping list as I watch it!

  42. Kimberly Welt-Fragomeni

    Great video! Love the recipes as usual.
    As for requests…perhaps a Holiday meal prep vid? With seasonal recipes to help keep things easy?
    Thanks! 🇨🇦🇨🇦

  43. Summer Andrew

    I would never have thought to freeze pancakes before serving but the results were so tasty yet quick and easy so thank you so much!

  44. Amy Litrich

    Lisa, where do you buy your bacon?

  45. karma

    What is meal prep for fall exactly?? Is that where you prep enough meals for hibernation over winter or?

  46. Khalelah Ervin

    Hello Lisa, new subscriber, I truly enjoy your videos about meal prepping. Thank you so much for sharing. Oh, I wanted to know if you can do a meal prep video for weight loss. I recently started walking alot and doing small workouts at home. I still struggle with food. I find myself struggling to find healthier options. When I start meal prepping, I want to have healthier options and not struggling. With better options, I know it will help me with my weight loss journey. Thank you so much again. I love your videos.

  47. Kate H.

    What a fantastic video! Everything looks so delicious! Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  48. Thiruvithancore World

    Very informative video , please don't freeze grinded spinach . Spinach should be consumed within 4 hours of processing it .

  49. Aida Z

    Enjoyed the step by step + meal ideas. Can you please make 1pot meals or slow cooker recipes.

  50. mt

    You are great! Ideas, videos.. Everything is just great! Luv your prep videos! Thank you! Greetings from Croatia 🤩👌😊

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