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  1. Dhruv Rathee

    Share this video and remember the 5 things, here is the link to petition – https://www.oxfamindia.org/access-to-affordable-medicines

    One Correction in the video: The 55 million figure is for year 2011-12 not 2017, I had quoted the Business Standard source which mentions it is 2017 but looking at other sources it is clear that it is 2011-12. Sorry for that.

  2. Nadeem Ahmad

    MBA healthcare management or pharmaceutical management which is best

  3. sandeep pawar

    are bhai bill gates ne desh ki tarif ki hain

  4. sandeep pawar


  5. Killswitch69

    Andhbhakts call us bhakts
    Level of hypocrisy

  6. satta king ashish

    Bhaiya ek hoti he generic or ek hoti he athcal or manking Cipla abbot ESI badi company bhi generic banati he ok bhai medicine ke bare me knowledge Lelo bhaiya ap

  7. saikat das

    Sir, I got a call from Oxfam for on line donation 500,or 350 rupees/month regarding this health care issue. So is it official..??

  8. Karimulla Sk

    How to download your video

  9. Prajapati Kiran

    I hat you

  10. Jitin Sobti

    Page Not Found when fillee details in the Petition

  11. Abhishek Jain

    hahaha political inclination everywhere you are as sick as an owaisi or a sadhvi pragya, instead of being unbiased you are all playing politics, just look at yourself in mirror and you will know the truth, hope you get mature soon

  12. Gunasagar KJ

    People like you don't deserve to talk about the unfortunate. You pick and choose issues that suffice your appetite or twist it to your whims and fancy. Jail all those who prey on unfortunate people 😑

  13. Trinath Pradhan

    pmbjk is the most successful model. plz logo ko gumrah mat karo. u r the most excellent layer.

  14. Mani Ranjan

    Hi Dhruv I signed the petition you enclosed in the description yesterday. today I got a call from consultant of oxfamindia and she was asking for 1000 rupees per month of help. I am just asking from you that is this verified ? should I do the payment?

  15. Arijit Chowdhury

    Please make a video again after 1 year how much implemented on this scheme " MODI CARE".

  16. Chaubey's World


  17. Vikas Patel

    Very good video on a difficult topic . You should talk on healthcare system in gujarat also. Here there is school health scheme (for less than 18 yrs) , SC/ST scheme , BPL scheme , LIG scheme , which gives free treatment to approx 60%population at govt superspeciality hospitals. Moreover govt hospitals already give free treatment. For those who have craze of private hospitals now there is MAA amuratam and vatsalya yojana. MAA yojana is a pilot project of ayushmaan bharat … and is extremely successful..it is only state in country or world with free transplants (liver/kidney etc ) to 60 % population … worth replicating in other states also..

  18. lol ji

    You are such a big lier

  19. atul kumar

    Liar you are please stop your propaganda using lies , its the news of 2011. Was your fan before now got to know u are a liar. Stop it now and tell truth , we are not fools to believe what u say every time

  20. Queen Queen

    Yaha government policies kachde may ja rahi hai.. Koi question nhi puch raha.. But ek banda full research k saath youTube video bana raha uske authenticity pe doubt kar rahe hai..
    Ye banda policies nhi bana raha.. Sarkar bana rahi hai..
    Kabhi socha hai South India kyu har index may aage hai and north abhi bhi gobar may?

  21. sidharth guleria

    Giving free medicine is not the solution if you are compromising the quality

  22. Dipankar Das

    It's not 2017 it's 2011

  23. Niyaz Ahmad Salfi

    Hum ak kisan h hath Mera Fracture ho gya tha humne PM Jan arogya Yojna ke tahat form bhara jis se Hume PM Jan arogya Yojna se 20,000 se 25,000 milne the 1500 Rupaye kharch huwe 4 mahina ho gya koi Ata pata nhi h ,
    Hamare yaha Sarkari hospital me to ye Hal h Siring b Dr. Bahar se magwate h Dawa to Dur h


    Atal Aayushmaan bharat modicare Ko think tank kha h international agency ne or successful bhi h hmne khud isse benefit Liya h aasani se 10-20 minute ki documentation h patient Ko bhrti krke sb free patient Ko khana tk aata h dwai illaj sb I appreciate aayushmaan Bharat yojna

  25. jai bheem

    Bhai kyo apna Imaan bech diya hai tumne

  26. Harshit Seth

    Now you lost 1 subs sale lundchat

  27. Avinash

    please stop uploading your videos

  28. Ravi Pandey

    Abe chutuye ab to bakwas band kar !!

  29. Srinidhi Narayan

    Fake news.

  30. Biplab Banerjee

    Dhruwji, medicines are of three types, not two. 1. Generic with Pharmaceutical name 2 Generic with Trade name and pharmaceutical name and 3. Medicines which are patented by MNCs, with pharmaceutical as well as Trade name, and India govt, due its committment to WTO cant reduce its price. you will never see this comment so better not to say further, You are trying to be Jack of all trades.

  31. Abhi Prince

    Yeh ayushmaan bharat..bhai..successful rahi h…dhanbad aakr dekho mai patient ko dikhata hu

  32. Ayush Gupta

    Dhruv, I am a big fan, you should have edited the video or deleted after the blunder, it only raises the question of your credibility

  33. Akash Sahu

    It's nearly been a year

  34. Akash Sahu

    Bastard delete this video rn and stop ur propaganda or apologise for this

  35. Akshy Dhuri

    Sabake article hai par 55 million ka article apane nahi dikhaya sahi hai ya galat kaise samaj lu ki sahi hai

  36. Ajinkya Bhasme


  37. Yogesh Aithani

    Aajkal videos nhi aa rhi , lagta h burnol lgane m busy ho 😂😂

  38. amit yadav

    Please delete this video

  39. amit yadav

    Fake news

  40. Bittu Mondal

    Fake news

  41. Manoj MA

    Bhai Instagram pe comments ke limit kyo rakhe ho fatati hai kya?😂

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