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  1. Hoang Minh Nguyen Phan

    Please upload the real Poisonous Rangers vid, the Poisonous Rangers u uploaded was the Nasus one :v

  2. Joseph Gentry

    Liked the video but frustrated that you didn't put Veigar on the mana pool to instantly ult.

  3. JohnJoshua Daquil

    Funniest vid everr!!!

  4. Nicklas Vestergaard

    😂😂😂😂 WTF Was that Ending dies beruse of the burn😂😂😂😂😂

  5. smee smirgol

    how did u survive china?
    how bout u comment on situation in china?

  6. hadidi madridmila

    hahahaha lol

  7. Gu Ren

    Hahahhahaa that ending

  8. Ashtarte

    They really need to change that summoner interaction, it's so cancer winning a round but dying to untargetable Zyra plants.

  9. Razie Ramli

    if u want watch cartoon pm me

  10. Jeff Jeff

    I almost fall asleep while watching this

  11. Seynara Frei

    34:30 Veigar is still alive. Rito? They think that Zayra`s flowers are champion? Nuts

  12. francesco schirosa

    Qyana was literally useless, was better master yi and sion on frontline is fp

  13. Matheus Williames

    O br no chat KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  14. John Knight

    @bunnyfufu Can you please do a no items challenge? After round 1 you have to sell your champ, and sell all carousel champs, and never use any items. Which comp do you think is best with no items??

  15. Александър Германов

    Make one hit neeko on tft pls

  16. Akarman Uimi

    Do you meet bart baker?

  17. Tai Nguyen

    Bum bum and die :)))

  18. comedie _guy


  19. Marcos Oliveira

    O br passando vergonha meu pai

  20. João Veit


  21. luviminda kasaigan

    Wtf happens?

  22. GODZU YT

    16:10 your veigar ult strikes twice!!!😮😮😮

  23. Dab


  24. nico

    Yo how was mxr and jeanie? Where they as adorable irl?

  25. River Frost

    RIP Bunz close but not quite gl next time you shall win

  26. Divinepoop

    I love your videos, but I always skip the intro to avoid the cringe

  27. Katja Gelenčir

    Ending got me laughing 😂 😂

  28. Nick Tillerson

    Put Seraph’s on units with ults under 75 mana, shojin isn’t effective on Veigar you’d get more ults with a single seraph’s than 2 shojins.

  29. Loyd Vendiola

    China will grow larger


  30. Dang Tran

    I just realize that he spell “Surprise” into “Supprise”

  31. Ryzon Dela Cruz

    Hey bunz did you win the tournament?

  32. Eduarda Vitória

    Brasileiro é foda

  33. Pax Can

    Who won the computer giveaway?

  34. Marte Marte

    3:44 algum BR solitário Aqui? Kkkkk brasileiro tá em todo canto pqp até Aqui!!

  35. Quoc Anh Tran

    Boom boom! I'm dead

  36. Ryzon Dela Cruz

    12th comment

  37. Anime Highlights


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