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  1. C. Cole

    incredible mix! Good job! Thanx, I have been listening again and again 😀

  2. CeeeX

    Alright, I've just created a download link in the description!

    Enjoy, like & subscribe!

  3. Aakash Wadhwa

    plz can i have link to download the song i want to use it in one of my vidioe thank you very much 😀

  4. suietv

    gonna use this on my vid 😉 gonna give u the credit!

  5. Lefkios Christodoulou

    I checked your videos man!
    They are awesome!
    Your music is wonderful keep doing that!;)
    by your friendly pale reaper!^^

  6. Vincent Chow

    Thank you for your sharing. I'd like to use it for my school project.

  7. superblacklivesmatter

    Hi, can I use this music for my project? Thanks.

  8. Daniel Gitman Tadevosyan

    hi, could I use this great music for my student movie?

  9. AjN

    lolz i also might use this for my project closest sount to what i am looking for, for now


    i made a new animation of space arte, and i used this music for the background!!! your name appears in the description of the video =) Thanks PD Your music its awsome

  11. m3necr4ftvids23


  12. GhostAfiq Hasif

    School Project completed …. Gred : A
    Fuck Yeahh

  13. WhoDaB0ssPlaya


  14. Mr44people

    i used it for school project

  15. bisbeejim

    I like that opening chord progression.

  16. Marquis Yarosh

    Can i download? It won't let me on Listentoyoutube

  17. Regaard

    Hello FunKCX. Can I use this for a presentation if I give you credit?

  18. Bradon Dropko

    Thanks, this will work perfect!

  19. SparkzMxzXZ

    Can I use part of this as music for my school project? I will credit you fully! 🙂

  20. Marfia

    hey can u send me a message to download this i will give all credit to u

  21. Thulashii S

    do mind if i use this for a soong ? ill giive you creeedits ! 🙂

  22. YxtreaM

    I used this in my video! (I gave you credits) if u want to check it out—

  23. Morten

    if i'll ever make a video – picture slid show or anyting i might use some of your songs.. =) and give propper credit

  24. Owen Chen

    Can I use it as my stuff's background music, then will give you FULL credit.

  25. alva0908

    can i use this for my school presentation plz

  26. BlondeBeautyStyle

    How do I use this?

  27. SupersternNo1

    Hey i really want to use it would it be possible????

  28. PPK649

    can i use this 4 a vid? I'll give ya the credit

  29. CeeeX

    @TheBoksera631 as long if it's used its ok 😛

  30. TheBoksera631

    @FunKCX Actually i already used the original Background music 3.Gave you credit in the desc.like anybody will see it…Video's on my channel,but accidentally i cut the song in a place where it sounds unprofessional..

  31. CeeeX

    @TheBoksera631 of course! 😀 show me the results when you got it!

  32. TheBoksera631

    Can i take this as background music(Will give you credit)!

  33. bobsterclause

    title: "natural refreshments"

  34. Raymond Jones

    great enjoyed it ,vary much

  35. mykooleffects

    this is really good! could us send me the mp3?

  36. Icey Yoe

    Sounds professional!

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